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The Liebster Award!

So I finally managed to find my way back to a computer and when I logged in to wordpress I found this message:

“Hey Ms. Smoak, 1,149 more words

Pizza 2.0

If you thought that a Pizza is just a round pie with some toppings – boy you were wrong. Look at all the Pizza 2.0 that PizzArtists all over the world have created (heavy breathing).

No apologies; about time someone refused to grovel

Takimag reports and comments:

Radio host Anthony Cumia—whose recent firing was featured here last week—appeared on Fox News’ Red Eye…

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The Kulturkampf

New Car Vibrations

So had to get some new music for my car, and Mac is the proper choice to listen to when driving around.



ratpag Puts In a Solid Half-Day Before the 4th; Forgets Headline Again

Your New Jersey correspondent has taken a trip “Down the Shore” for the July 4th weekend but luckily for our international readers, fellow communists, and those without calendars who won’t be celebrating the holiday, he has found some links about the perils of driving on America’s sweet 238th-teen. 246 more words

Link Dump

TV Shows to Marathon on July 4th

Friday is Independence Day for all of  us Americans. Most TV stations are going to be marathoning some of our most beloved shows is a salute to our Founding Fathers. 322 more words


Guy Buys Hundreds of Cinema Tickets to New Transformers Film to Show Ex-Girlfriend How Rich He Has Become

“Look what you missed out on!” :)

A jilted man impulsively purchased hundreds of IMAX tickets to the latest Transformers film, last week, and posted photos of the receipts online.

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On The Lighter Side