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Shouldn't need 'her permission' for anything...

Found the following great cigar ad poster at Clash Daily:

A married man shouldn’t need ‘her permission’ for anything, of course…

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, boys – if that’s your thing. :)

On The Lighter Side

Wanna contribute to the upcoming September issue?

Use your talent to dream up a submission in relation to the education system in some way and send it on over! Paintings, poems, articles, ads, etc; most things are a go! 22 more words


Use this slide to explain Cloud Computing to pretty much everybody (From kid to Grandma)

This is by far the most accurate and amazing piece of power point to use as a definition for cloud computing. You can use it to explain the model of cloud computing to pretty much everyone – your kids, your grandma, the CEO you are pitching to….and the list goes on. 32 more words

Fuck Yeah!

Richard Dawkins versus Jizzabellers / Twitterfems

He’s right in this, as in ‘Elevatorgate‘, but still: pass the popcorn; it’s fun to see progs’ internecine squabbles. :)

The Decline

I'm sure almost everybody knows what happens when I get bored.

Am I bored?
Do I have a pen?
Do I have an arm?

Let’s do this shit.


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Sooner Than You Think

Ran into a friend mountain biking yesterday and she asked if I was ready for cyclocross season. I was like, sure thing, then I watched these two video’s when I got home and my answer now is now a resounding… 24 more words

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