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I just saw a hotel guest's ass

A room at my hotel just told the breakfast girl they’d like another chair in their rooms or when they eat breakfast. So I get another chair from the lobby and bring it upstairs for them. 80 more words

Get It Under Control

Last Hitachi train runs in Melbourne: Hilarity ensues

So the last of some type of train (honestly, who gives a single fuck about trains?) ran in Melbourne. It was packed with train spotters (i re-iterate, who seriously honestly gives a fuck about a train), who were confronted with probably their worst nightmare. 34 more words

Fuck Yeah

That damn song list...

Babies, I found some new stuff, some old stuff but all of it is gonna explode in your face, Sunday Night bff.fm 10p-12a California time. -FOXX


The Therapist

I went back. I don’t know why but I went back. The sun had gone down and everyone in town was sound asleep. I don’t know what I was feeling at that moment, but I remember her office window being unlocked so all I had to do was slide it open. 502 more words

Storm of Motivation

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. What a great Friday this has been. I have got to tell you that hanging out with friends and watching childhood favorite shows always cheers me up after a stressful week. 577 more words