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That 90c Matters!

So, casually doing my books tonight…. Who am I kidding? I’m feverishly doing my books. I love and fuss and obsess over each number. The budget is my holy grain, my centre and my soul. 287 more words

My Last Post Was Really Dang Long: I'll Make it Up to You

And I apologize for that. But if you read the whole thing, you are amazing and you rock and I want to personally thank you. 66 more words


Empowerment is Mac DeMarco on a late Sunday afternoon. Empowerment is wearing glittery pink star-shaped rose-colored sunglasses and putting on ugly lipstick while still wearing your PJs from the night before. 169 more words

God Damn, Well I Declare

I just love Fridays. I really do. They are the epitome of happiness. If you’re lucky or you’re a student, you don’t have to wake up early the next day or worry about turning in assignments. 98 more words

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So I read this post today....

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed today I came across this awesome blog post from Leah Raeder, author of Unteachable.

Which as you can see from a previous post… 203 more words

Book Review

Filipino City Requires Taxi Drivers to Display Bible Verses on Vehicles


TAGBILARAN, Philippines – A city in the Philippines mandates all of its taxi drivers to paint Scripture on the back of their vehicles, also known as three-wheeled motorcycles, in an effort to curb crime in the city.

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