the shortest lament

Im blacking out,

the road im running in threw.

im falling down,

im out of strength from fighting you.

iv yelled every point i had to make. 26 more words

Life Is A Jumbled Poem

Care less

  All I was ever good at

  Is writing about anything 

  I could think of

  And tonight I am like

  I wanna care as much as do

  When drunk I am

Break Time

I'm sorry, cause Fvck YOU...!

Sometimes i hate people who underestimated me.
Sometimes i understand what they’re thinking. But then i knew i already hate them.

Pardon my sarcastic language, but at list i can say “sorry” before i said “fvck you” 143 more words

Infinity Talk

An Almost-Midnight-Thought

If you don’t care, then
don’t ever pretend that you do.

Just don’t.


For The Love of Pod

Oh milkweed
Oh silkseed
Oh pod oh pest
Make your lovely trash
Gray haired silkspun vixen
Far past her golden prime
Your demise is diabolocal… 51 more words
Habitat Gardening

"I will not try and win you back, I do not want you back."

You are my new inspiration…
My muse
And I mean that not as a compliment

I will use you to cruise through any writer’s block… 457 more words


50 Ways to Give the Finger: #5- The "Finger? What Finger?" Finger

 We live in a society of manners. As such, we cannot flip the finger at every perceived offense and in every situation. There are rules to which we must adhere, else the very fabric of our society will fray and tear like cheap curtains in a sandstorm.

126 more words