Ignore Stack Exchange

Is there a way to automatically ignore SO noise on google searches? I think the quality of questions and answers on this site is a waste of time, esp. 22 more words

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More Things That Can F*#king Eat Me

- Enthusiastic housemates. I don’t care that you have managed to cross off all the things on your to do list before midday, I really don’t. 1,453 more words



I wanted to post on Facebook today, but didn’t. 150 more words

Each Day

Controversial Guitar Opinions

I ran across a thread on Reddit asking about controversial opinions regarding the guitar. I posted, then deleted it because seriously, screw Guitarrit or whatever it’s called. 464 more words


Your Ex is an Ex for a Reason

Ex’s come in many different shapes, sizes, gender and race. But they all share one thing in common, they are your ex for a reason. … 489 more words


[sonnet about when you landed in Tampere]

The door opened to the crisp air
You look for the umlauts
There’s a man at the bus stop
with a scar from his ear to his lip… 49 more words

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