INTERVIEW - Robby Cronholm of TAXES talks about new release "It Never Ends"

Mr. Cronholm,

to start off, I am incredibly impressed with “It never Ends”. It is by far the most exciting album I have heard this summer/fall. 851 more words

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That one ex

Everyone has that one ex that they would always go back to if they had the chance. But the bad thing about having an ex like that is when he know that if he wanted to he could get back with you. 182 more words


Best Send-Off Message to an Employer Ever!

I recently found out that Elizabeth Peña has died at the young age of 55. She was one of those actresses whose name didn’t ring a bell with me immediately until I looked at… 688 more words



If you’re going to stay
Then stay
If you’re going to leave
Then go
But make up your mind
Cause you’re blocking the door


Four Walls

I’ve been tasting these words on my tongue

These past few months before deciding

To let you see them set in stone,

Whether you will or never check. 441 more words

I don't care

FUCK YOU. You know what, go insult my personal statement all you want because guess what? I DONT FUCKING CARE ANYMORE. This attitude is just fucking amazing because NOTHING affects you because you simply don’t care!!! 247 more words


What should I even call this?

To feel so much pressure that I cannot breathe, is an indication that I need a break. I literally feel like I am just gasping for air and there is JUST enough to keep me alive. 158 more words