It's A Good Thing I'm Writing On A Toughbook...

28 July 2014 – 13:05 Hrs

FUCK YOOOOOUUU, internet! 

I had a good one for you.  I just spent a solid three hours writing about a topic I usually don’t speak of because it’s too important to me.  75 more words

Seasonal Affective Disorder Anxiety

It’s summer. High summer. But the last several days have been cool in the morning and I find that the early darkening nights have sparked some anxiety in me. 78 more words

Fuck You

Painting Priorities

I have decided to set painting as a priority in my life. It’s better then Xanax at helping me deal with my feelings and it creates something lasting in my life. 64 more words

Fuck You

How it ended

I used to blame it all on myself.

I used to think that the reason

I felt out of place was because

I was not a good human being. 320 more words


Today I woke up at 1pm, that’s a big deal for me considering I never sleep past 8. I woke up craving coffee and a cigarette, but I don’t even smoke. 343 more words


Seven Things my Dad Taught me to Love

As I mentioned in a previous post, my father is a retired army sergeant; he raised my siblings and me as if there were still a draft and they would snatch us for war without seeing home again. 1,783 more words