This year Charlie is attending an Extended School Year program. I have never wanted him to do summer school before, because I didn’t feel like he needed it, but they pitched this one as fun and games. 148 more words

Fuck You

Saving Private Ryan: The Israel-Palestine Conflict

I’ve put off writing about the conflict because of its sensitive nature. Most who actually follow the vicious murders, oppression and general egregious nature of the conflict have a distinct side and any discussion you decide to partake in usually involves infuriating disagreements. 2,905 more words

Dear Diary

Nuclear war doesn't kill all assholes

I wake up in the morning often looking for my phone (to check the time) and my eye wear (because I can’t fucking see without them).  864 more words

General Rant

Fuck Your Religious Misogyny

My body is not shameful. 

My body is not unusual, unnatural,

My body should not be hidden away



My body is my body, skin and bones… 51 more words

Airplanes, Matryoshka Dolls and the Star Wars

Dear Diary,

The other day an airplane was shot down from the sky by a missile. That’s not a typo. This actually happened.

I can’t tell you, Diary, how weirded out I feel about this as its absurdity at this point, is exponential with every piece of additional information that is made available to me. 1,127 more words

Dear Diary