So maybe I fucked some things up . . . temporarily

WordPress.com is a pain in the ass.  To put it plainly.

You see, I purchased my domain from them a couple months back so I could have my own name without all the .wordpress.com bullshit that was necessary to make it all work. 255 more words

People Are Stupid

Why So Mean?

I hate facebook, but I am on there everyday. Today I got into a discussion that went way bad. Someone posted something inflammatory and I caught flame. 74 more words

Fuck You

Words Fucking Hurt No Matter What People Say

Because when he said that he didn’t miss me a little part of my heart died along with every shitty thing he ever said to me. 12 more words

Personal Ramblings

I just want to scream

I seriously just want to scream right now.
I want to go out on my balcony and scream.

Hey, guy who found me on the dating site….who doesn’t even live here…. 46 more words

Things That Are Annoying

123. Fuck You (2009)

Artist: Lily Allen Kompositörer: Lily Allen & Greg Kurstin

Utgivningsår: 2009 Album: It’s Not Me, It’s You


Jag gillar verkligen Lily Allen… 349 more words


Laid low again:Diverticulitis

I’m learning the symptoms and this time I caught the attack of diverticulitis early.

The pain started while I was grocery shopping. It catches me inside the left pelvis area, deep. 167 more words

Fuck You