Read. Write. Do.

16 years of blindly obeying

Normal human beings like they’re gods.

Eternally owing people who

Gave birth to me without my consent. 111 more words


I should pause before I say something I regret. I should. But that would go against the entire point of this site, now wouldn’t it? 38 more words

He Cheated On Me


Stare at this screen for too long. Cross your eyes just a little until this screen begins to blur out. In & out & in & out of focus. 510 more words


[341] i like what i like

I have no guilty—
Pleasures. Why be ashamed of
Something I enjoy?

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heidi with a "t"

i like how you remembered to forget me after spending the night trying to get me to remember you. see you next week.


The fucking cooker hood.

On the first day of Christmas, knowhow.com said to me “I can’t fit your cooker hood as I am not qualified, I am only a gas fitter.” 241 more words

Reclaiming The Home

The Bowels of Mediocrity

I know I’m not the only parent out there who sees some cute little art project and goes “awwww that’s soooo cute, imma try that!” You know what projects I’m talking about, those adorable ones involving painting infant digits and transposing them onto various media. 551 more words