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Pissed Off Rhyme

she straddles the line
between right and wrong

sometimes she makes up words
to her own damn song

most days
she doesn’t give a fuck… 133 more words


Dear Black People: Homophobia is Our Problem, Too.

I am sitting here, fresh out of a visit to the ER for a bad medicine reaction, and with a headache that makes me super cranky, so Femi isn’t going to mince words here.   1,170 more words


Okay lets all die now.

This post is purely pathetic in nature, but that seems my current theme. I’m also not sure why I have a disclaimer in the beginning of every post either. 221 more words


Too Easy

Once upon a time, when I was a little Chill Girl fresh from the clutches of my home, I joined my college’s improv troupe, Let’s Try This! 923 more words


No, We Don't Want Your Apologies (AKA You are not a very good ally if...)

Ugh, another day, another round of self-described allies fucking the fuck up.  So, with the help of my awesome buddies on my Facebook page, I gathered a pretty nice list of things you should be looking out from. 718 more words


The Fuckery of Time

Time moves so slow when we are doing things mundane,
And when we are not with those we love,
Or doing something we enjoy

Time whisks by in a blink of an eye, 87 more words


Making Fwiends.

This was going to be quite a long post about the fact that sometimes I’m an incompetent twat and I don’t always think before I speak and, as such, managed to fuck up a very significant friendship a while back and I don’t think I can make it better because an apology doesn’t really mean a lot when I’m not 100% sure of what I’m apologising for (that’s not me suggesting that I haven’t done anything, by the way, I obviously have I’m just not sure what it was – it was probably lots of things). 188 more words