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Facebook Fail... Again

So the bigwigs at Farcebook met with the drag queens in San Francisco today… and refused to change their policy on forcing real names. Read the article  30 more words


Facebook Fuckery

Facebook has decided to enforce their real name policy and has suspended my author account.

In a giant, idiot move, they have also suspended Kate Aaron’s account for not using her real name. 402 more words


Not Again: Oscar Winner


The junkie kid outdid himself with one for the ages.  I thought I’d seen it all, but yesterday was the paramount display in my humble experience (to date of course. 727 more words


A Good Start

While escorting (been sick for two weeks, so no new fuckery to share, sorries!), two things never fail to break my shriveled black heart:

  1. A patient bursting into tears due to the harassment…
  2. 546 more words

You Are Not Your Titles: A Rant

My family and I were arguing about pit bulls and if they were dangerous. One sibling and I contended the dogs themselves were not dangerous but that it was the owner. 708 more words


I told me so

It really can be disadvantageous to be intuitive and perceptive. Sadly, I truly do accurately understand motivations and reasons that people act and react. Call it experience from years of intently observing others and their interactions, or experience of my very own for the sake of survival, or simply innately astute, its an absolute reality that I am proficient in that. 719 more words


Not Again. Part I

My Boss’ son is a junkie. Not really clear on what the addiction is, probably oxy, but addict he appears to be. Now I am not going to claim to know the agony Boss is going through, and the fear and dread that comes with every phone call, and  I do  not expect and hope and pray I will ever have to confront the horror that he does every day. 897 more words