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Side Chick Story Chapter 7

Breathe Baby, Just Breathe

My favourite day of the month is here, its payday bitcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! *cues Rihanna’s Pour it Up* The wait until the payday text comes in is excoriating; I sit at my desk unable to work all morning. 1,900 more words



Today is, and has been a complete fuck fuckery of a day.

If it were not for my amazing partner who continually lifts me up… 50 more words


Apple CEO Tim Cook can't afford an iWatch flop or something

“With $160 billion in cash, there’s very little that tech giant Apple can’t afford. But four years since the release of the original iPad, Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t afford missing out on the ‘next big thing’ and expect to get away with it,” Richard Saintvilus writes for TheStreet. 303 more words


Trainwrecks..............and is it because I'm a fucking Aries?

I have a problem. (don’t act surprised)  and admitting it is supposed to be the first step. But it seems that is not the case with me. 268 more words


While I've Been Away

I’ve been on sabbatical…no, that’s a lie. Saying I’ve been on sabbatical implies that a) I get paid for spewing Mzansi-flavoured filth all over the internet and that b) spewing Mzansi-flavoured filth all over the internet is a legitimate occupation.  161 more words

South Africa

"Raising Awareness"


For a few years now there’s been this growing trend of people doing some random thing to raise awareness for some other totally unrelated thing. First it was Movember, where all us men would grow mustaches, and more recently there’s this no-makeup-selfie for girls and the sock-over-the-dick for guys and it’s for cancer research apparently… First of all, I’m pretty sure everybody on the planet is aware of cancer already people… How exactly does a dick in a sock aid the search for a cure at all? 70 more words