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A "Real" Gamer

(I did a thing on Facebook, and I thought it funny enough to share with all of you.  Aren’t you lucky?)

Hello, my name is Feminace and I play video games on Causal mode. 547 more words


50 Shades of Poo: How to Write a Best-Seller for the Modern American Woman.

So I decided that ethics and convictions are overrated and I just want to be fucking rich. Like Scrooge McDuck rolling in piles of gold rich. 460 more words


Owed Sex? A Meandering Ramble

So I’m sure that everyone has read about the woman on Reddit who posted a spreadsheet from her husband listing the number of times he tried to initiate sex with her and her “excuses” for turning him down. 806 more words


Rue the day....just a smidge

Ha! I saw the other day that collerme was shut down.

Not sure for how long…..but it makes me chuckle just a tad.

This was one of the sites I caught P on towards the end of our relationship. 105 more words



What is it now? Day 26? Post #6?

Today I heard something on the radio that actually caught my attention. Shocker. THOR is now a woman. 351 more words


Personal "Preference" or Personal Prejudices?

So I’ve shared and have seen shared this BuzzFeed link, 33 Realest Tumblr Post About Being a Person of Color. Being a fan of the site, I feel this. 484 more words


Stop Being an AskHole

It’s happened again. I’ve been banned from another page. This seems to happen quite often. It’s never for name-calling or harassment; it’s usually for bringing to light a truth that the page’s admin doesn’t like to hear. 606 more words