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Life from my side, in side and out

I only see life from one side. And that’s mine. Anything else is impossible.

I only know I’ve been missing a thing, a crucial thing. I just still don’t know what the thing is. 121 more words


I want what I don't deserve

I know what it feels like to have someone encourage you through tender affection. Because sometimes it’s just happened to me.

The trouble with me is that I have a knack for upsetting people that would normally give me that to the point that they don’t even want to or can’t bring themselves to. 117 more words


Here's Your Fucking Cookie, also DDR is Not a Mating Dance

You know what I’m getting super sick of.

Other women.

Get back here, let me finish.

Other women, who in the face of hearing women like yours truly talk about something that affects our lives, like street harassment, online harassment, job and wage inequality, when some asshole said something sexist, etc, will jump in ass-first to inform us that they’re just fine. 1,164 more words


Pissed Off Rhyme

she straddles the line
between right and wrong

sometimes she makes up words
to her own damn song

most days
she doesn’t give a fuck… 133 more words


Dear Black People: Homophobia is Our Problem, Too.

I am sitting here, fresh out of a visit to the ER for a bad medicine reaction, and with a headache that makes me super cranky, so Femi isn’t going to mince words here.   1,170 more words


Okay lets all die now.

This post is purely pathetic in nature, but that seems my current theme. I’m also not sure why I have a disclaimer in the beginning of every post either. 221 more words