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Yay! (said in a very sarcastic unimpressed tone)

I believe I’ve re-conquered an innocuously destructive (yes, I’m aware of the duality of these words) habit of social networks and their beguiling alternatives that call themselves forums, chat rooms, blog sites, and yes, even shopping or educationally- interactive sites are really just…..social media. 90 more words


No matter what

I’m finishing the hardest quarter ever in my life. Finals are this week.

Even as I’ve expressed how much work this has been for me, how hard I’m trying to not let anxiety get in my way and hinder me, I still am at fault for not dividing my time up for everyone in my life…… The way They say the need. 93 more words


Hong Kong Day 3: Macau

The cold and rain is a welcome break from the hellfire and humidity we experienced the first few days. We hopped on the MTR and headed to Tsim Tsa Shui to catch the ferry to… 376 more words


Head Fuckery

I don’t feel like I can actually finish My Drunk Weekend – Part 2 for a little while. I don’t quite know how I feel about it because I went against what I normally do and I had sex with someone that was so lovely and kind and actually wanted to see me again the next day. 54 more words



“Words can be twisted into any shape.
Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul.
In the final analysis, words mean nothing. 99 more words


fun with evernote tags

As someone who attends more internal meetings per week than should be allowed by law, I find it imperative to keep copious notes…especially when 12 times out of 10, everyone in the room spends more time dicking around on their iPhone than paying attention and actually contributing. 535 more words

Part 2

I forgot what it’s like to live at home. And have food all the time. And not do shit. It’s nice.

I forgot what it’s like to not worry about little petty shit everyday. 61 more words