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Saturday Storify!

This may or may not be a regular thing, but people seem to really like it when I combine my escorting tweets into an easy to read format. 28 more words


Internal chaos versus attainable peace

There is always self reflection and introspection, for myself at least. Many times I feel like it’s a program running quietly in the background of my brain and taking notes as my body shuffles throughout life taking steps and creating movement. 353 more words


When is a dive bar too divey?

Is it the smell of pee and stale beer?  Faint aroma of popcorn and well whiskey? Is it the seedy looking old man eyeing the young college girls a little too closely? 447 more words

No Love, Me: Papal Edition

(sorry about the sporadic posts, folks.  Still recovering from The Fucking Flu)

Dear Pope,

The proper response to words you don’t like is more words: rebuking words, counter-argument words, dismissive words, insulting words. 41 more words


Where do bad folks go when they die?


1. I don’t like insincere apologies. If you receive a blank stare from me you’ll know I know that you’re not sorry.

2. I should be asleep nightly….or daily but whatever… by four pm. 184 more words


This is a rant about One Direction.

I cannot believe i’m saying this, but i am a huge fan of One Direction.


I’m not a 12 year old girl in denim shorts but Midnight Memories/ FOUR is my jam. 843 more words


No Love, Me

Dear flu,

Fuck off. Life is exhausting enough with my combination of issues that I sure as shit didn’t ask you to come around.


No Love,