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Mini Milestones

This weekend I successfully got through a mini milestone.  I saw my ex for the first time in 6 weeks and it was hard, extremely hard.   486 more words


The dreaded fortnightly visits

I have noticed a pattern, it’s cyclical and it’s every two weeks.  The first week I feel fine, the second week I start to get emotional and stressed, frustrated and angry, and so it goes on.   614 more words


To believe or not to believe...

Since I found out my husband was having an affair in my last trimester and now lives with his new girlfriend, I have found myself praying more.   393 more words


Why I Quit Facebook

I haven’t completely avoided social media recently, I still use Instagram and I am signed up to Twitter although I hardly ever use it.  But Facebook is different; it’s much more in your face and of course when you are going through something personal, Facebook does a great job of seemingly posting a ten fold increase of status updates and photos that just so happen to rub it in your face even more. 683 more words


Time is precious, let's not waste it.

Being on maternity leave is great because a) I don’t have to work and b) I get to spend quality time with my son.  But it also means you have a lot of free time, although it definitely does not feel like that when you are constantly tending to your son’s demands or looking after your own needs when he is sleeping!   443 more words


CDC Whistle Blower. MMR/Autism Link Covered UP

Vindication doesn’t feel as sweet as I thought it would. It kinda feels like shit. My son is still paying the price.  He will for the rest of his life –and we both, left with no recourse. 537 more words

Autism Wars