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Ramen. That Shit Ain't Food

Ah, Facebook, you never fail to entertain.

I saw this in my feed today:

First, I have to say, WTF is this doing on a “Health” themed page? 77 more words


Try Not Being a DICK.

Check out this fucking shit.
A couple is facing eviction because their child with autism is noisy.
Hey, bears shit in the woods and the pope does drag. 375 more words

Autism Wars

Dark lust

I can hear you step on my grave. I can hear everything. You’re clenching the roses in your hand too tightly. I can hear your blood dripping from your hand and on to my grave. 681 more words


Listen up...

Hello, my darling ones <3 

So you guys, word on the street is that quite a few of you felt strongly offended by my previous post, Appreciation. 330 more words

Devilborn Hate

And the scams just keep on comin'

I’m actually fairly tired of people trying to take my money under false pretenses.

For a couple of days now I’ve been getting calls from 646-612-3444.   300 more words


Because I’m in a bad mood, we’ll do this step by step. Pissing me off is never a good idea, sugarcups ;) And we’ll need to add an s to friend. 1,134 more words