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Day 19: July 22nd

First things first, today started with a bang (or rather a vicious thunderstorm), and it was pouring the entire trip to school. I was legitimately soaked from head to tor for the entire first half of the day, and being wet and cold is horrible combination when you’re getting over a sickness (well at least I had my voice today). 593 more words

Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta is described as a “postmodern theatre show.” When my friends and I walked out of the “theatre” after the show, I asked one of them, “If you had to describe what you just saw to someone, what would you say?” He replied, “I have no idea.” That was exactly the answer I was expecting. 343 more words

Who’s In Charge of the Giant Bubble?

Check out my TDF Stages article on Fuerza Bruta WAYRA, and then go check out that wild, immersive and dazzling show!

For performance art junkies and thrill-seekers alike, … 135 more words


Curiosity Never Killed Anything

Whoever said humans are born evil never actually met a baby. Unless it was me, they did call me the demon fetus. What I can tell you is that the purest form of happiness comes directly from babies- and it doesn’t matter that they haven’t yet acquired language fully, their expressions and excitement for life are cross cultural. 465 more words

Musings And Ramblings

Stocking up

Tonight’s my last overnight in BA, so I had today and tomorrow to get all my last-minute stuff before I leave at 1am Monday morning. I didn’t do a whole lot today because I didn’t go to bed until 2:30ish, partly because my host family sister had friends over blasting Britney Spears (many songs of whom I still remember the lyrics…) and partly because I was watching more Let’s Play Cloudberry Kingdom because I suck at actually playing video games and I needed something to do because sleeping obviously wasn’t an option. 304 more words

Hutch In SA

Being cultured in Buenos Aires

After the longest journey of our trip so far – 30 hours from Iguazu to Montevideo – we spent a few lovely days in Uruguay. South Americans really do love holidays as yet again we spent our only full day in Montevideo wandering round deserted streets with no locals or tourists because they were celebrating a random day (I’m not sure what). 593 more words


Must See: La Fuerza Bruta

I don’t care if you’re running out of money or if you’re trying to find an excuse not to go, this show is truly worth the 20 US dollars it will cost you. 328 more words