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Buenos Aires Highlights

Buenos Aires, the Paris of the south and a city known for its European culture and architecture, food, Italian influence, tango, café culture, nightlife, and fashion. 928 more words


My Birthday In Buenos Aires

This was the first time I’d had my birthday away from home while alone.  There is something very humbling about celebrating your birthday away from home with strangers because no one is obliged to give a shit about your birthday, so if anyone does care, even the smallest gesture is very welcome and appreciated. 358 more words


Weeks 12 - 14: The City of Surprises

The Paris of South America. B.A. Ciudad Autonoma de Beunos Aires¹. Whatever you want to call it, to me Buenos Aires will always be the City of Surprises. 1,690 more words

Snapshots from the S Days

this has been such a great, balanced weekend, full of so many of my fave things: lots of girlfriend time, lots of sleep, lots of running, lots of wine. 697 more words


Argentina aka the land of platform shoes, pretty people and Palermo Viejo...

After a half day of passing time (it involved supermarket trips, coffee and free wifi) in Tucumán (not an interesting city at all), we made an overnight bus, as planned, to Córdoba where we scouted out a few hostels and picked one that had a good vibe and a decent-looking breakfast. 1,389 more words

South America