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I Am A Patient Boy

“I wait I wait I wait…”

That’s all I have to say today, have a good one people!

My 10 Favourite Dischord Songs

I am by no means a completest but Dischord Records is easily one of my favourite record labels.  I’ve had a lot of great records in the last 25 years of listening to them.   746 more words


Black Friday

I always make jokes about having a boyfriend from the States so I could join the traditional celebration of Thanksgiving, even though I don’t eat turkey. 507 more words

My Life


fugazi was such an incredibly big deal to me as a teenager, growing up as a punk kid in a small town. working part time in a record store and anticipating their next release, i remember so clearly getting my hands on their records, pouring over the liner notes, the needle hitting the first tracks of those records, and how truly awesome they were upon first listen. 891 more words


This week's reviews: Fugazi, Wilco

Fugazi is considered by some to be the best band ever.  Hailing from DC and formed in the mid 1980s, Fugazi was a post-hardcore band featuring Ian MacKaye (formally of… 537 more words


Fugazi - "First Demos"

First, a disclaimer: Fugazi was my favorite band when I was 16 years old. Yeah, I was “that guy.” I made a “This is Not a Fugazi T-Shirt” shirt, even though it was 2009 and no one had any idea what I was talking about. 462 more words

HHV.de Mag: Fugazi - First Demo

Ich hatte es ja schon letztens erwähnt: Irgendwie gehen mir The Nation Of Ulysses doch ein bisschen mehr ab als Fugazi. Jedoch ist es ziemlich quatschig, überhaupt zwingende Vergleiche zu ziehen und eh: Ich liebe… 41 more words

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