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Grading week playlist

Finals week is actually a favorite of mine – there is a lot of work, but I can also listen to stacks of vinyl as I make my way through stacks (digital) of essays. 68 more words

Ian MacKaye Prepares For Another Long Day of Documentary Interviews

DISCHORD HOUSE — Only hours after getting off of his last shift, Ian Mackaye is already preparing for another long day at the office. At 52, the hardcore pioneer hasn’t slowed down one bit and currently works a back-breaking 60 hours a week getting interviewed by various documentary crews. 293 more words

The first

I was waiting for the this to show up every since it was announced. It turned out great. The packaging is amazing, thick vinyl, nice printed inner sleeve and even a set of postcards. 39 more words


MLK Library documents local Punk scene

The DC punk scene is sometimes overlooked. It has been active for decades and has influenced many, including current Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Grohl. 144 more words


Nothing Could Kill Me — #MemoirMonday

Trenton, New Jersey in the 90s had very little to say for itself, which was itself not unusual. Trenton had little to say for itself for most of the decades that came before. 530 more words


Gogol Bordello isn't playing with you (but they're playing Fugazi for you)

Or maybe they kind of are! ToolboxDC got a video of Gogol Bordello covering Fugazi’s “Blueprint” at the 9:30 Club a couple weeks ago.

It’s kind of fun how Eugene Hütz fakes out the audience into thinking he’s about to start playing “Start Wearing Purple” and then tells the crowd “It’s not that song.” Goes to show how all punk songs use the same three chords. 44 more words


Waiting Room

“Waiting Room”
13 Songs