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Made an Organ Fugue!

I had to make a fugue for 3 or 4 voices for my second project for class. Here it is! Hope you enjoy :)


Chosen One: Tape

Interview with Johan and Andreas Berthling (Tape).

“All parts are equally important. It seems that’s what we’re always doing; straddling the fence between pop and more experimental music although we never think of it these days. 2,948 more words


system confusion

we often wonder what are insiders, what is memory surfacing, what is the brain playing tricks? at times communication seems more open. it is an misunderstanding that stuff is nicely separated in packages and suspect switches of which we are unaware of one, or many, or those watching in the background in stealth mode, camouflaged, no co-consciousness. 145 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Who is Daniel Nelligan?

Photo cred. to Tyler Kirk

This spring, I noticed the word “fugue” spray painted on a Boston Strong banner located on Boylston Street. Confused and intrigued, I decided to investigate. 627 more words

September 22, 2014

next morning
memories of a fugue state
coffee is brewed

© Amanda Stemen – 2014

Assignment 3

Sunlit woodlands, pastures, farm houses, sandy shore and open sea… How will I represent this? Let’s put together some ideas. I tried to work on a structure, I threw away the first attempt, using a first section A, a secondary one B and a contrasting one C, as I’ve done in the past for other compositions, more or less successfully. 1,293 more words