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Here are two documentaries about the recent nuclear disaster.

Hazardous Waste

Swiss Alp Dreams, April 13th

I dreamed I lived in an open-fronted, two-storey apartment complex in the tropical Crystal Palace of the future and I found some old records, information about a lady that had lived there before me and went on a mission to find her. 341 more words



Alternative news sources are buzzing this morning following a story that the Jerusalem Post published yesterday.


The Tap Blog have published the following article possibly tying this event to similar incidences of Israeli’s returning home prior to major incidences of… 128 more words


Just Sayin'

  • Medical experts have identified a highly contagious form of Ebola that’s killed 59 people in the West African nation of Guinea;
  • the Guardian reports carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit a new high this month;
  • 70 more words

Why Japan Is Ahead Of Us -- In The Apocalypse

In games and movies it’s easy to point toward a single source as the precursor to the apocalypse. In Fallout it was nukes. In Maximum Overdrive it was a comet. 641 more words

In Poor Taste


As we West Coasters sit quietly waiting for the cesium-soaked seaweed to arrive on a radioactive tide – we’re told to expect it in early April – it is nonetheless nice to see that spring is happening. 348 more words

Tuesdays Without Gluten, and Other Nuggets

Hello Fairy Followers.

My 2 frozen sisters from MN have been visiting my unseasonably warm town for the past week, so again, I am off my blogging schedule.   1,134 more words

Gluten Free