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[GOODS] Newly Added Goods for Hello ! Project 2014 SUMMER !

- Solo 2L Sized Photo Part 4 (2 in a Set)(¥500)

- Solo 2L Sized Photos Part 5 (2 in a Set)(¥500)

- Collection Photos Part 3 (33 kinds)(¥500) 16 more words

Morning Musume '14

Hello ! Project Official Facebook Page Update.

Original Post : (16/08/2014)

モーニング娘。’14 工藤遥 撮影

Original Post : (17/08/2014)

モーニング娘。’14 鞘師里保 撮影
実物、フクちゃん本人の肌そのものに触れることが出来るのは 17 more words

Morning Musume '14

[INFO] Morning Musume '14 57th Single「TIKI BUN/シャバダバ ドゥ~/見返り美人」Special Site Open !

*Click on the picture to go to the site*

Additionally, several details have been released for the upcoming single. 

There will be four Limited Editions & Two Regular Editions.  54 more words

Morning Musume '14

[INFO] Morning Musume '14 New Single Events announced !

There are four different events.

1. Morning Musume ’14 Birthday Event – モーニング娘。’14 誕生日記念イベント「18年目もいきまっしょい!」

It will take place on 14/09/2014 at Shinagawa Stella Ball (Toky0) 105 more words

Morning Musume '14

Ai Instagram Update with Morning Musume '14

All posts were made on 15/08/2014.

大好きな道重さゆみちゃんと♡ The Girls Liveの収録した時の写真だょーーー。 もうオンエアされたのかな😂?? #道重さゆみ #TheGirlsLive #モーニング娘。’14

#TheGirlsLive #モーニング娘。’14 #小田さくら #ootd

#thegirlslive #モーニング娘。’14 #工藤遥 #ootd 

#thegirlslive #モーニング娘。’14 #佐藤優樹 #まーちゃん #ootd  21 more words

Morning Musume '14

[INFO] Morning Musume '14 New Single Details + Sayumi Graduation Date Revealed !

It was announced today in Hello ! Project 2014 SUMMER at Nakano Sun Plaza that Sayumi will officially graduate from Morning Musume on 26/11/2014.

Her graduation concert will take place in Yokohama Arena. 54 more words

Morning Musume '14