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Morning Musume '14 "Password is 0"

Start: pretentious stream of consciousness.
Ooh, pretty red outfits! Matrix style CRT graphics! Seele?! Riho, Riho, RIHO!

After hearing teases of “Password is 0″ for a month (give or take), we finally get a PV and a full version of the Morning Musume ’14/Morisanchu/au song. 974 more words

Hello! Project

Good Morning America(@gma_info) Twitter Update with Morning Musume '14.


Original Tweet : 

【グッドモーニングアメリカ】本日はNHK-HALLでNHK「MUSIC JAPAN」の収録。リハーサルを終え、モーニング娘。’14さんと1枚!#バンドやろうぜ

Trans :

【Good Morning America】Recording at NHK-HALL for NHK「MUSIC JAPAN」today. A shot with Morning Musume ’14 after rehearsals ended ! #バンドやろうぜ 10 more words

Morning Musume '14

Morning Musume '14 Oricon Style Interview.

*Note that I`ll only translate Ayumi`s parts. 

MAIN TOPIC : Currently on a break (popularity) again ! What events had made you feel that your face and name has been remembered ?  283 more words

Morning Musume '14