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IPCC Lost Credibility on Global Warming, Necessarily Renamed "Climate Change"

Listen Closely to Media Fear Porn Propaganda That Blames Fukushima Disaster on “Climate Change”

IPCC History Lesson

February 17, 2014 (Original upload by Suspicious 0bservers) 1,319 more words


Spa Resort Hawaiians

Iwaki (Fukushima Prefecture)

Iwaki is the 10th largest city in Japan sandwiched between mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Coal mining used to form the core of its economy until recently, when tourism took over. 360 more words


Online Book Tells All About Fukushima, Plume-Gate and Deadly Radiation Cover-up


Hatrick Penrey, 2/9/2014

Historically speaking, Plume-Gate is the world’s largest, provable, cover-up and conspiracy. If the Guinness Book of World Records considered ‘cover-up and conspiracy’ as a legitimate category, then certainly Plume-Gate would be at the very top of the list…above 9/11, above Watergate, above Fast and Furious, above even the JFK assassination, and not just for the sheer size and scope of the conspiracy, not because of the many alphabet agencies involved, not because President Obama is implicated, not because it reveals the truth about nuclear power and everything that goes with it, but because Plume-Gate is PROVABLE. 95 more words