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RT: TEPCO failed to disclose crops over 20KM from Fukushima were contaminated

. . . and Ben Fulford said there was no radiation. . . maybe you all understand why I take Ben with a grain of salt . 606 more words


Japans Plan To Freeze Fukushima With An "Ice Wall" Is Melting Down | Zero Hedge

Who could have possibly foreseen this?A year ago we wished TEPCO the best of luck with the construction of the “Game of Thrones”-esque 1.4km giant wall of ice that was designed to surround the exploded Fukushima power plant and slow the movement of irradiated water below the damaged reactors, preventing it from flowing over into the ocean and surrounding land. 110 more words

Photographer returns home to chronicle Fukushima -- The Japan Times

” As a photographer whose roots are in Fukushima, Tadao Mitome feels a duty to continue capturing images of the area to document the effects of the nuclear disaster triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. 367 more words

Radiation Exposure & Health Effects