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About Nuclear Tests and Involuntary Relocation

What follows is a translation of a news piece from a Japanese newspaper, another submission I got since I scratched the surface of trying to figure out the direct impact of the nuclear plant malfunction in Fukushima on the lives of its inhabitants. 676 more words

Nuclear Regulator Ignores Safety Limits

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has recommended that Pickering Nuclear Generating Station be allowed to operate beyond its design life even though Safety Limits are broken. 19 more words

Fukushima Soil measurements by Japanese Citizens - one Million Becquerel per m²


Saitama Misato city April 2014

Mr Masaichi Shiozaki has collected soil samples and let  measurements perform: With a Germanium semiconductor detector. CRMS Fukushima uses them also. 431 more words


The aug of April

The aug of April

Holds a bitter winter’s wind

in vain, until May


Fukushima Seeds

Every seed and leaf I breathe and sneeze
A reminder that inside of me
Lingers traces of devastation of a previous spring
That I’ll succumb to an empty sleep… 90 more words


The mares' tails ramble

The mares’ tails ramble

As laundry lazes – sways

Vines clothe walls in green