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Imabari to Kyoto

I was sad to leave Imabari and the Tokunaga family; it’s always difficult to say goodbye to people who have been so kind.

Off I went though, once more I would be crossing the Shimanami Kaido, the series of bridges linking Shikoku and Honshu. 2,065 more words


Samurai Delicatessen

I discovered a small sandwich shop/bar in Fukuyama City.  Actually, my friend Cliff told me about it months ago, but I never bothered to visit until a few weeks ago.  61 more words

Party time

I went to a small party this weekend and was asked to take photos.  It was my first time taking pictures in a dimly lit area with people moving about and strobe lights everywhere.  83 more words

Baddies vs Goodies

2) Abbott’s desperate attempt to restore his political authority (did he ever have any?) can be seen as a symptom of a more general “crisis of official politics” 2,050 more words



Erle Frayne Argonza

To all fellow men and women out there who may have deep fondness for the liberal capitalist model of economic adaptation, I hope that you can make some adjustments in your cognitive banks. 1,032 more words


On Pied Type's comment...

Thank you to Pied Type for the response to my previous post, “Bush Reincarnate?” I found it provocative, and my reply has morphed into a post-length response: 667 more words


The Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement: Part 3

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From the discussion in the last two parts of this series on the ethics of cognitive enhancement, we can draw three conclusions. 784 more words

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