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Night shots

So immediately after the last post where I claimed to be taking shots less often, I was struck with motivation to practice taking photos at night.   223 more words

Review of Francis Fukuyama; The Origins of Political Order

During a lecture Stephan Hawking once gave, a fellow distinguished scientist challenged Hawking to prove that the universe was not carried on the back of a giant turtle, as posed by ancient Native American  798 more words

Neighborhood part 2: Swans (and a turtle)

I’ve never actually checked out this little river before.   I finally decided to bike over, and discovered so many swans just hanging.  I think they’re swans… one of them looked like he was going to bite me.   32 more words

Hegel, Hobbes and Fukuyama- The First Man

This summer I have been reading Francis Fukuyama’s book The End of History.  It’s very interesting, even though I disagree with the main idea behind it.   555 more words