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Hace tiempo que imagino las consecuencias que tiene o tendrá para la humanidad esta ola de marketing y capitalismo que la invade… en qué terminará la historia? 481 more words

Estados Del Alma

Public Schools as Public Freedom

By Thomas J. Fiala

I was just reading a review of Francis Fukuyama’s new book Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy” published in 2014. 852 more words

Free Market Education Reform

Summery of Liberalism Chapter /Scott Burchill

Before we analyze the theory of liberalism we must understand there are certain factors to look at to evaluate a certain political theory and its impact on those factors. 1,400 more words

Lichtgrenze (Berlin, November 2014)

The Ballonaktion was at its core a symbol of historical forgetting. The Wall was literally made lighter than air. It wasn’t a barrier to be overcome with sledgehammers and bulldozers, but a pure signifier, lashed to reality by the slenderest of threads. 202 more words


Charlie's Halloween Party 2014

Took a bunch of photos and most were not even in focus. Bleh.  It was too dark for me to calibrate the focus properly, red light would shine into my camera, tons of little problems plagued me so I’m disappointed in this batch.  71 more words

Japan - Fukuyama Castle

Having completed our trip around Japan’s large southeastern island of Kyushu, we headed back by shinkansen onto the main island on Honshu. Having seen many cities along this main train line on our previous trip to Japan, we decided to stop by in Fukuyama to check it out. 132 more words