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End of summer

Summer is just about over, which means going back to school to teach.  It’s an ok job… Yes, the pay is low, but some of the kids make the experience very rewarding.  65 more words

The Human Rights Cake

Repression, denial, tactical concessions, prescriptive status, and rule-consistent behaviors. Five easy ingredients that will according to Risse and Sikkink lead to the development of positive human rights within a state. 1,481 more words


Night shots pt. 2

Not much to say in this post.  I’ve been checking out minimalism photos and I’ve been getting interested in taking simple photos involving 2 intersecting planes (ie. 78 more words

Night shots

So immediately after the last post where I claimed to be taking shots less often, I was struck with motivation to practice taking photos at night.   223 more words

Review of Francis Fukuyama; The Origins of Political Order

During a lecture Stephan Hawking once gave, a fellow distinguished scientist challenged Hawking to prove that the universe was not carried on the back of a giant turtle, as posed by ancient Native American  798 more words

Neighborhood part 2: Swans (and a turtle)

I’ve never actually checked out this little river before.   I finally decided to bike over, and discovered so many swans just hanging.  I think they’re swans… one of them looked like he was going to bite me.   32 more words