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My Wisdom Will Reignite the Embers of Existance! by Marie D. McCohnell 2014

The Spring,                                            

of my know-all-ness,

has come and gone,

in the wisp of a gentle wind;

blossom falling soft from a tree.

The Summer,

hot; 94 more words

An Almost Full Circle

An Almost Full Circle

Movie review of Full Circle by Solvan “Slick” Naim and Ollie Koivula.

Originally published on Arts and Crit on April 21, 2014.


1.01 Cloudy Days

I went to the elixir shop, and they said that they were always in need of potions, so I did that to pay the bills. They let me use their alchemy station, which was convenient; all I had to bring were the ingredients and the shop would provide the vials and sell than for me. 239 more words


"Other Worlds"

We are your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by the First Voice
Media Action Program. Tonights host Shora Zamani: “Tonight we’ve got some out of this world treats for you. 206 more words

The Past and Present Come Full Circle

Maybe it’s because I don’t handle rejection well.  Or maybe it’s because I always thought people were exaggerating when they told me I am ‘bright’ and ‘sharp.’  Because that’s what people in the south do… we try to magnify the good in the people that we love, to lift them up and hope that their wings will take flight. 933 more words

Better Job

"Drawing Circles On My Birthday" by Tami Satterfield

Today I was a circle,
Wrapping all the way
Around myself.
Completely contained.
I extended myself outward,
Without ground,
I was neither here nor there. 24 more words