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Today's letters: Fights have no place on ice

From the hot springs of Banff, to the tundra of Churchill, to the rocky shores of Newfoundland, there’s no shortage of sights to see in this great land of ours. 2,227 more words

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Barbara Kay: Send your kid to school by himself

I have no childhood recollection of being escorted by a parent to or from the public school that was a short walk from our Toronto home. 905 more words

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George Jonas: Vladimir Putin’s 19th-century muse

Russia is a natural autocracy. No reason to grab the gun under your pillow: So are most national cultures, at least historically. It’s a reason, though, for keeping a gun in the bedroom, especially in a rough neighbourhood. 725 more words

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Peter Foster: Socialism’s die-hard true believers

The crumbling of the Soviet Union coincided with the 1990 bicentennial of the death of Adam Smith. To celebrate the latter occasion, there had been an exhibition and conference in Edinburgh. 1,487 more words

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Christie Blatchford: Public opinion of Sammy Yatim shooting will be hard to sway regardless of what happens in court

Outside on the steps of the Old City Hall courts, Peter Brauti, the lawyer for Toronto Police Constable James Forcillo, reminded the public “there is another side to this story” and pleaded for people “to keep an open mind.” 788 more words

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John Ivison: Herb Gray's respect for parliament was something the Harper government could learn from

Nobody who watched Herb Gray befuddle and bewilder the official Opposition during Question Period could ever mistake him for a non-partisan.

The former deputy prime minister, who died Monday, was never flip or cynical about parliamentary institutions — it was not his style to quip, as did his colleagues, that it was called Question Period, not Answer Period. 839 more words

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