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Wayne Rideout: Explaining Canada's multi-layered anti-terrorism strategy

Threats to national security are continually evolving, presenting a challenge to government and law enforcement around the world.

Here in Canada, the radicalization of individuals to the point of violence continues to pose a significant challenge for Canadian law enforcement. 521 more words

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Today's letters: Ontario and Quebec 'bite the hand that feeds them'

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Re: Get Behind Energy East, Brad Wall, Nov. 26.
Since the inception of the equalization system in 1957, the Canadian federation can be seen as 10 brothers and sisters sitting around a large kitchen table, all joining in eating a wonderful selection of food that everyone brings to the table. 1,338 more words

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John Ivison: U.S. governors head to Canada as 2016 presidential race looms

Martin O’Malley is mulling a bid to become the leader of the free world. So is Chris Christie, albeit for a different party.

What the two have in common is that both the Democratic Governor of Maryland and the Republican Governor of New Jersey have decided to head to Canada, in an attempt to pick up campaign tips and garner the veneer of international statesmanship. 933 more words

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Graeme Hamilton: Survivor recounts miraculous escape from deadly Quebec nursing home fire

RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP, Que. — Evidence at an inquest into the deadly blaze at the Résidence du Havre last January indicates it would have taken a miracle for people to escape the section of the seniors’ home where the fire began. 849 more words

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Christie Blatchford: Jian Ghomeshi allegations to be judged inside a court, for a refreshing change

What grand news it is that Toronto Police have laid criminal charges against former CBC radio star Jian Ghomeshi.

I say that only because news… 917 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Returning to the fairness of the ‘a buck is a buck’ principle of taxation

It has been nearly 50 years since the Royal Commission on Taxation, chaired by Kenneth Carter, revolutionized Canadian thinking on taxation. It is to Carter, of course, that we owe the now seemingly common-sense idea the base of the income tax system should be, well, income: all income, from whatever source — “a buck is a buck,” in the famous catchphrase — without preference or exemptions. 970 more words

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Christie Blatchford: Luka Magnotta’s flimsy schizophrenia diagnosis was quickly written in stone, trial told

MONTREAL — Luka Magnotta’s purported diagnosis of schizophrenia took a pounding Wednesday as a forensic psychiatrist testifying for the prosecution took it apart.

Or, as Dr. 869 more words

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