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Issues of Gill

Feeling a bit gangly this morning.


Uncomfortable in my odd-shaped gills.

Being the new fish in the mainstream romance market is frankly a little daunting. 192 more words


Post the Seventeenth: In Which There Is A Competition

Gentle Reader, this post originally aired back in late December, 2012, for some reason. Here it is again, in its proper season, for your Halloweek enjoyment. 737 more words


The Great American Dream or Moldy Responsibilities

There comes a time when ya just have to call a spade a spade. I recently saw some pics of a mold infestation in the home of a person I know. 597 more words


Full disclosure

The idea of full disclosure is normally a good thing.  However, I do not want full disclosure on everything.  I really don’t.  Many years ago I was reading an article on what was in a sausage.  748 more words


The post about bullshit that is anything but bullshit

What do you do once you realize you’re full of shit? No, wait. You know what, that’s bullshit too, because that makes it sound like I… 1,994 more words

Salon: Opinion: Michael Burstein: "We Need a New Constitution": What American Liberal Democracy Really Needs

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Salon: Opinion: Michael Burstein: We Need a New Constitution

Michael Burstein’s amendments, or even new United States Constitution was not as radical or social democratic as I was expecting. 1,117 more words