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PA Court Says I Don't Need To Tell Buyers That My House Was A Satanic Murder Pit

Should a home seller be obliged to reveal that the lovely 4-bedroom with a 2-car garage on half acre just also happened to be the place where previous tenants were brutally murdered? 751 more words

Masking death penalty's violence increases suffering, Arizona execution shows

In 1911, when the hangman finally drank himself to death, Ottawa had a problem.

Toronto native John Radclive had been Canada’s public executioner for years. Despite his habit of consuming quantities of alcohol that startled his hard-drinking contemporaries, starting a riot in Hull when he announced to a packed tavern that he had “come to hang a Frenchman, and hoped it would not be the last,” and “altogether expressed himself in ways that show him to be a person of coarse temperament,”  he had reliably showed up at jails across Canada, built gallows where none existed and sent one convict after another into eternity, year after year. 879 more words


Senate refuses to divulge Duffy’s allegedly criminal expense claims

OTTAWA — Do you think the Senate should publish details about how its members spend public money?

So do we.

The Upper Chamber, however, seems to think otherwise — despite promises to be more open and transparent in the wake of an ongoing spending scandal that has so far resulted in criminal charges against three of its own. 486 more words


Beer Camp Across America: Home Front Edition (8 of 12)

Full disclosure: I am a native Oregonian and take extra pride in products from my home state.

Double full disclosure: I had a loose idea of the order I was going to drink these beers in.   168 more words


ménage à trois

A typhoon just struck Manila two days ago so I wasn’t able to abide with my daily prompt duties due to crappy internet connection. So yeah, I’ll post three days worth of daily prompts. 972 more words

Random Thoughts

Nuts and Chip

How exciting! I will have a mind reading chip with me. It will certainly make me feel like one of those MI characters starring with Tom Cruise. 362 more words

Daily Prompt

Truth Never Sounded So Loud

Daily Prompt: Full Disclosure

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. 367 more words