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Movie Review: Fury

When I saw the commercials for Fury I was definitely a little put off; if you market a war movie like an action movie but try to add sentimental elements to it then I have a problem with that. 612 more words

Reasons I'm Going to Hell, and Other Festive Shit

–I have trouble finding things to watch on Netflix, because my attention-span issues mean I flit from input to input like a hummingbird that’s had too much coffee, or else can listen to the same CD in my car for a year, and I don’t want to commit, quite yet, my slavish devotion to one old TV show or another.  848 more words


Gosh Dangit Tumblr

You distract me entirely too much.

So yeah. Sorry about yesterday. I’ll make it up by being on time next week, despite it being my Christmas break. 220 more words

My Top Ten War Films

War. What is it good for? Apart from giving us many of the freedoms we take for granted, and keeping safe our own countries, it is a ripe source for movie inspiration. 697 more words

Top 10s

Movie review: 'Full Metal Jacket'

A young U.S. Marine in Vietnam named Gustav Hasford began writing a novel and it was ultimately published in 1979 and called “The Short Timers. 1,573 more words

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 ~ This is a powerful day and if you haven’t already *Answered the Call* to transform your life then you have until Spring to voluntarily jump onboard. 453 more words


The Master Baits: WHIPLASH, William S. Burroughs, Mastery, and Control

So what are we to make of Whiplash? Are we to be turned on by the erotics of the sadism fueling the conflict between Andrew, the precocious freshman drummer at prestigious Shaffer Conservatory, and the brutal instructor, conductor Terence Fletcher, played with daemonic intensity by J. 377 more words