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October’s blood moon.

Impregnated with shadowy red.

Hanging low in the sky awaiting the

rosy colors of the ever nearing dawn.

Watching its watery reflection… 912 more words

Reflections & Musings

Aries Full Moon: Balancing the Instinct and Balancing Through the Instinct

The climax of a Libra-Aries polarity as represented by this Full Moon would have something to do with self vs other and instinct verses balance. There is a delusion in operation often throughout our collective reality that social balance requires the suppression of one’s needs, but the Universe does not in truth make that demand. 702 more words


Musings on the Goddess and the Patriarchy - Part 1

The Great Year is moving us along and we are all slowly beginning to wake up. Things are changing, but we may not be able to put our finger on what is going on exactly. 655 more words

Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries: The Young and the Restless

October 8.2014
Full Moon in Aries
6:51 a.m. (EDT)

Sun in Libra

Total Lunar Eclipse 6:25 a.m. (EDT)

The opposition of astrological energy that naturally occurs during a Full Moon phase is the tug of war between what appear to be opposing energies. 1,239 more words


Aries Total Eclipse Oct 2014

This Lunar Eclipse in on 7th/ 8th Oct depending where you are in the world.

This is an intense high energy exciting time, with potential for BIG SHIFTS. 629 more words

Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse-October 8, 2014

Its that time again…Full Moon time….read more about it from Mystic Mamma…Enjoy!
“TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IN ARIES ◉ on October 8th 2014. This Eclipse is the second of the Tetrad of Eclipses and will be visible all over North and South America, the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia. 177 more words

Walking the Moonlit Path: Aries Full Moon, October 8 2014

Awakening to Love

The Libra New Moon, two weeks ago, got us contemplating our close partnerships, and planting seeds of possibility along those lines. Now, from about the 5th through the 15th, peaking on the 8th, there is a heightened continuation of this meditation. 753 more words