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The Full Moon Experiment

This is not my usual sewing post. I am lost. Yes, lost. Yet, the truth is I’ve never felt so lost yet exhilarated with the potential of what’s happening. 316 more words



Today I found myself pressed up against the glass like a cat, looking down to the ants below. I realised that I was leaning into the cold glass to relieve myself of the pressure building inside. 114 more words

A funny thing :-D

A funny thing happened to me the other day. A guy came into the store he looked homeless, he was dirty and scruffy. He asks for a pen and paper, so I give it to him. 252 more words

Pokey and Lamb Chop Sitting in a Tree…NOW WHAT???????

I’m a fretter. When I’m not fretting about something, I’m gearing up to fret. I long to not fret but fretting is my M.O. so if I don’t have something to fret about, I will make something up. 1,641 more words


Chance of Frost.....

…that only means one thing….it is getting ready to be colder than a witch’s tit….


Full Moon Social Anthology 1 [#fullmoonsocial2014]

The idea was simple–let’s all gaze at the moon together, wherever we are, and share our words and images. Let’s have a full moon social event that the Ancients would understand and appreciate. 214 more words