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Peer Comment

Hey Michael,

Just writing you to let you know that I read your post about Afrika Bambaataa and I really enjoyed it. Being a local DJ in my area I feel like I can relate to this. 73 more words

Bjork Blog

Hello Again Everyone,

Welcome to my Bjork blog. To start off we will go with the impact she has had on the music industry. She has explored so much and experimented because she started at a very young age and her stepfather was also a musician. 258 more words

My Infomercial for my Fantasy Compilation Album "Eargasm"

So During my time at Full Sail University I was able to do so many fun projects. I was going over some of them and this was one of my favorites. 59 more words

Full Sail University

Kraftwerk Post

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my Kraftwerk Blog. After listening to a lot of their work it is plan to see that they are a very experimental group. 293 more words

Advanced Achiever

When I found out that I had been selected to receive the Advanced Achiever Award for my graduating class of Music Business I was in shock. 43 more words


Visual Resume

Although It is very important to have a paper resume to outline your experiences, skills and education I think the concept of a visual resume brings your personality to the equation. 11 more words

Full Sail University

The Big Chill (1983) - IMDb

The Big Chill (1983) – IMDb

The plot to the film is based around old friends from college coming together at the funeral of one a friend that has committed suicide and did not leave a note. 492 more words

Mark McClain