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Stitched is a short horror story I self-published in 2012 under the pen name Dani Marchand. Despite positive reviews, I can’t stand by it as firmly as I once did, so it’s no longer available to purchase. 7,082 more words


Tuesday 20th August*!

  • In bed – 9.56pm
  • Lights off – 12.05am
  • Woke up – 8.51am

I spent about 4-5 hours today, playing piano, and writing a new song. It too over everything. 515 more words


The Robot

Before my online dating days, I lived and went to school in New York. I wish that while I was there I would have given online dating a shot, but it was still in it’s nascent period. 802 more words

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Inbox: Full

I decided to get back on okcupid, and the scene is every bit as dreary as it has been in the past. The deluge of emails that girls get is completely overwhelming, and it starts feeling like every guy on the internet is into meeting me (and I’m not even close to the prettiest girl on these sites).  570 more words

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The Requirements

Lately I’ve seen a lot about the ridiculously enormous lists of things that person must have or be before even being considered as a prospective date. 411 more words

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I found my perfect match!

I signed up for okcupid again a few days ago (I know, shoot me in the face). I opened my laptop after wrapping up work and had a profile still up from last night. 58 more words

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Story - Killing Fields

Killing Fields (Rating: 15, Genre – Horror, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Sci Fi) – (1004 words) - Petris walked into the Killing Fields with the hope of wiping all the pieces off the chess board. 1,014 more words

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