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BREAKING: South Korea Ferry Passengers' Chances of Survival 'Small'

Over 300 ferry passengers, mostly high school students, are still lost at sea in the cold waters off South Korea. The ferry sank over 12 hours ago and 164 survivors managed to escape the vessel.   26 more words


Death By Snu Snu

I am clearly not in love with online dating, but I think it is virtually unavoidable in this technologically-centric age. I have had a lot of experience with some of the sites that tell you they have the love of your life just waiting for you to log in, create a charming profile, post a few pictures, and click your way to the gold at the end of the rainbow. 2,117 more words


Mr. Everything Sucks

I have met a lot of guys online as you may have ascertained at this point. Like a million other times, I met a guy online who seemed like a good match for me. 1,196 more words


Fly, you fool! (Full story)

I currently work as a consultant, so I spend a fair amount of time in airports. At first blush, I thought this would a glamorous life of travel and meetings with high-powered New York executives, one of which would be a millionaire who would fall madly in love with me and beg me to give up my powerful, jet-setting career to be with him. 507 more words


The CEO (full story)

I went through a horrible break-up right after my last move, which by the way was mostly for my relationship, so I took a break from dating for a few months. 606 more words


0 = 1

All is One.
But being One is lonely
no fun at All.
So One becomes two
but separation is isolation.
In other words, it’s Fear. 24 more words

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Halo [self-love remix]

Remember those walls I built?
Well baby they’re tumbling down. 
And even though they put up a fight,
I tore them right to the ground.  137 more words

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