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A Young Person on the 9-5 Work Grind: An Introductory Survival Guide

Guys…exciting news – I booked a plane ticket!!! In less than two months’ time, I will be heading to the Toronto airport to start my first Cuba trip ever. 1,925 more words

Let's talk about blogging!


   You all knew this day would come. The moaning and groaning has begun because we are talking about blogging! Looking back, when I would talk to other mentors/photographers about my blog I was almost scared to commit. 731 more words


Coping With the “Part-Time Perception”: Part 4

Last time, we talked about the third way a pastor can shatter the ‘part-time’ stereotype without compromise.

Today, we’re going to discuss strategies that can help a bivocational minister create an atmosphere of effective communication. 632 more words

The Bivocational Life

The Power of a Woman

I struggle every day with who I am. I am a traditional person. I like the idea of “The Man of the House” and me being the “housewife”, or mother, or domestic engineer (Okay, not so much the domestic engineer title). 1,819 more words


8 Contraptions that Transform a Small Space

8 Contraptions that Transform a Small Space | Dwell.

Most of these designs are wholly contingent on a stable platform, e.g. an apartment – but check out page/picture 6 if the link doesn’t get your there at the start. . .Airstream designers: take note!



Tuyển Content Creator (Full time & Part-time)

Viết về chủ đề sức khỏe, thể dục và thời trang
Tha hồ làm việc với các Celebrities nổi tiếng… 97 more words