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Summer is half-way over but we hope you are having a blast enjoying the warm weather and activities!

  • The first day of summer is known as the summer solstice and in the US it falls on June 20 or June 21 each year, depending on when the sun is furthest north of the equator.
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Fun Facts about the United States


The Declaration of Independence was supposed to be approved on July 2nd, but revisions were made and it wasn’t adopted by the Continental Congress until July 4th. 340 more words

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Fun Fact 15

My favorite actor is Patrick Stewart. Specifically his role at Captain Picard.

But my favorite Starfleet captain is Kathryn Janeway.

About Officer D

The Amalfi of My Dreams… Bella Italia

As I bask in the warmth of the Arizona sun—the woodpeckers sing, the doves coo their morning songs. Yet, my visions and dreams on this clement, sun-drenched morning reside in Amalfi—the true home that lies deep within my heart….as deep as the depths of the Mediterranean Sea that envelope this exquisite yet, haunting city of my dreams. 176 more words

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"Wave to the Printer" by Jackson Stones The future of cooking? PRINT your dinner?

“Wave to the Printer”

Jackson Stones

At this very moment in the history of cooking there lurks a strange object that could change the world. 3D printing awaits the unsuspecting in their kitchen. 471 more words