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Fun Facts About The Phantom of the Opera

Imagine you are browsing the shelves in your favorite book store, and you spot a book that you haven’t seen before. You take it off the shelf and flip it over to see the cover. 504 more words

Blumenthal Performing Arts

Elvis Presley's Library Card

Hey parents! Get your kid a library card when they’re young. The first known signature of Elvis Presley goes up for auction next month. Guess where? 21 more words

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How Are We Doing?

If you have a few moments,  Dr. Michael Bold OD INC. – Newport Beach would love to get your feedback on your latest visit here with us. 35 more words

Proud Member of the BBB

Dr. Michael Bold OD INC. – La Palma is a proud member of the BBB with an A+ rating!

Fun Facts For Ya: 7/30/14

The word “Ye” . . . like in “Ye Olde Shoppe” . . . is actually pronounced “The.”  In medieval English, people used a “y” to abbreviate “th.” 143 more words


Zebras: Born to Run

Zebras, like their horse relatives, are great runners—even hour-old baby zebras can run fast enough to keep up with their herd. When they gallop, zebras reach speeds of 35 miles an hour or more. 174 more words

Fun Facts

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Today one can get all types of entertainment in the internet basing on different kinds of platform. For one to get all this kind of entertainment they should login online and go to the site that offers this kind of presentation. 278 more words

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