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Some fun facts of Singapore

This post is completely unrelated to my journey, but that’s only because Singapore is like my 2nd home where I’ve spent over 10 years living during my high school days. 269 more words

Fun Facts

Fun Facts For Ya: 7/22/14

There are only five cities in the world that span across two continents.  The biggest one is Istanbul, Turkey . . . it’s about 65% in Europe and 35% in Asia. 89 more words

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About teeth

Teeth are the only body part on people who are unable to repair itself.

Funny Facts

Fun Facts For Ya: 7/21/14

“Ping pong” is actually trademarked by Parker Brothers.  The generic term you’re supposed to use for the game is table tennis.

Limping on purpose was a popular trend in the mid 1800s in the U.K.  39 more words

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Salute to the semicolon;

Ah, the semicolon. I happen to love this mark of punctuation. When I see one I think I should use those more often. But, sadly, I usually don’t. 191 more words



You can reuse your old leather belts to make a book “shelf”. Use different lengths (or adjust differently) for different heights. Cool!

Fun Facts

Nose and ears wilm never stop growing

The size of your eyes will always be the same from you are born, but your nose and ears will never stop growing.

Funny Facts