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The Hope of American

This last Friday I was privileged to watch my daughter participate in a wonderful program.  I have to tell you that I’m not usually teary at school programs, but this one was different.  501 more words


Revenge of the nasty, stinky rug

Readers of my previous post know that one of our labs puked on three rugs this week. The alien substance smelled so bad, and permeated a 3×5 rug in my office so deeply, that I had to throw the rug away. 365 more words

Fun & Humor

Rubber Boots and Rainbows

Today I thought I would share a short (very short) story I wrote about my boys.

It had been raining for three straight days.  David, Jacob and James looked glum as they shuffled in to have breakfast. 412 more words


Is Education Making Your Child Stupid?

I was reading one of the blogs that I follow this morning, “Homework is stupid and Ms. A is mean“.  This wonderful mom is seeking better education for her children and is starting at the right time, preschool.  893 more words


Squashed - an excellent family game

So there we were at the kitchen table after dinner playing Squashed, my 12-year-old daughter whooping it up and rubbing in the fact she won the first game. 682 more words

Cystic Fibrosis

When Did My Parents Get Old-ish

Sometime when I wasn’t looking my parents got old.  They are now in their mid to late 70′s with serious health problems.  They both have birthdays in February. 504 more words