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MM's Wordle - October 1, 2014 (OctPoWriMo)

The Visit

In a kitchen bright with chromium shelves,
A plethora of pans and a conveyor belt,
The blast of the oven freed a vortex of smells - 194 more words


The Sleepy Beaver

There once was a beaver down by a lake,

He slept and slept and would not wake.

He dreamt of swimming, he dreamt of running, 42 more words


The Body Takes Control

I knew from the second with my first morning breath,
That my body has woken up sick
It has had enough of my mind playing games,
268 more words


The Dribbling Drooling Monster - Fun Poem - August 21, 2014

Reft from slumber
In the darkest hour of night
Without enjoying my morning ablutions,
I went to see what was the frightful din …
Though in my dreams the sound was ubiquitous, 156 more words


Jeremy's Daily Challenge - August 17, 2014

A spark of humor
invited her merry gelasin
to flower in her rosy cheeks
as she observed, on the rustic river,
randy mallard ducks
splashing and quacking… 64 more words


What Dreams May Come - August 13, 2014

What dreams may come
I do not know …
I know the nightmares of this world
The longing for the hurt to end
To just give up and write the finale … 61 more words

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