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Oberon's Dragonfly War - July 18, 2014 - Fun Poem

‘Twas the summer of 98
When they invaded his magic gate
Tiger mosquitos big as jets
Sucking the fairies to their death!

Brave king Oberon took up the challenge… 144 more words


Taciturn Vampire - July 7, 2014

The Mindlovesmisery Menagerie’s wordle contains 12 words, those words are:

1. Scofflaw 2. Resin 3. Exclusion 4. Ravishing 5. Voice 6. Artifice 7. Pure 8. Frisson 9. 165 more words


Poetry Prompt #16 – Alphabet - July 1, 2014

Warning!!! This poem was written for the weekly poetry prompt created by Oloriel Moonshadow.  What we had to do was choose one letter and begin every word in the poem with that letter … I chose the letter… 228 more words


Of fate and World Cup football - Wordleing on Sunday! June 22, 2014

Of fate and World Cup football

The gypsy in her tent set there,
During the summer solstice fair
A dreadfully haunty creature
With a crystal ball and violet hair …


Fireflies and Fairy lights - June 21, 2014

under the starlit sky
walking in the fields
beside the woods
a princess met her prince
one Midsummer’s night …

under the starlit sky
fireflies lit the fields… 78 more words


Photo Challenge - June 18, 2014

The merry band woke up that day
To play with turtles and take-away
Old Teddy in his top hat and tucks
Sat on the chair and tut- tut-tutted… 299 more words


Sunday Whirl - on Tuesday - June 17, 2015

Bright pink porcelain doll,
With habits to break,
Walked into a bar
For a special drink.

Drilled to be calm and helpful
The bartender said in a frazzle: 124 more words