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A Lifetime Of Adventure

It has been awhile since I have shared any music videos on my blog. I first heard this song a few nights ago and absolutely fell in love with it, and just had to share it here. 19 more words


An amazing and genius stand up by Alex Horne on dave’s One Night Stand


What Is Signature Gear Anyway?

Some guitarists would (and perhaps do) give away their already diminished souls to own or use the signature guitar gear of their guitar hero’s – Whether or not the hero label is fully deserved by all it is bestowed upon, or merely made up from clever and fiendish marketing ploys, it usually serves to make all of the ever impressionable guitarists and GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) sufferers want the gear. 339 more words

Fun Stuff

My Sexy Saturday-Settling the Score

This week’s My Sexy Saturday features a Sexy Halloween. All the spooky, scary stuff that can happen to disrupt our characters’ lives. Halloween doesn’t appear in any of my books, but the hero and heroine in my second Backstage Pass book face a very scary villain—a man who has spent most of his life in a mental institution and has a big ol’ axe to grind. 606 more words


Rocktober - Masquerade Music

Friday night, 12:30 AM

The primary aspect of Halloween is not the horror or scary stuff, but costumes and masquerades. People love to play at being something other than themselves once a year, as an escape from their everyday lives. 180 more words

Fun Stuff

Giveaway | Not That Kind of Girl: A Night With Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has been someone I’ve admired for quite a while. I think that she’s an important public figure in that she seems like a pretty down-to-earth person with a lot of interesting things to say, especially about gender relations and mental health. 468 more words