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Fun Stuff

Fantasy Calendar Featuring Noree Cosper

It’s 2014 and we’re celebrating with an awesome fantasy themed calendar. This calendar is for the background on your computer and you can get this month’s image below. 531 more words



Hi my name is Aaishah , I guess your all thinking  why i have a weird site name  it’s because I wanna make a point. Since this is my first blog post I’m gonna set a challenge for you , you have to guess how old Iam ,let me give you a clue I’m in school  ,on the other hand I might think any place I go to learn is called  school so leave your answers in the comments.

Fun Stuff

Something new everyday: Post 3

So I was watching MasterChef today, and there was this recipe that had truffles in it. They kept saying how important it was to get the recipe right in the first go; how much money would go down the drain if a mistake was made. 240 more words

Fun Stuff

Our Caribbean Inspired "Must Read" List

One thing that is true of life on an island is that there’s always time to read.  On the beach, on a boat, on the couch by candlelight when the power goes out (inevitably around here, thanks to WAPA)… tons of opportunities to pick up a whole new world in a book and disappear for a while. 380 more words

Fun Stuff

Tom Hiddleston is at it again


It’s actors like Tom Hiddleston that are making girls question their morals everywhere. We shouldn’t like the bad guy. It’s just not supposed to be a thing, but you have this gem of a person playing him and the fan girls go wild. 485 more words

Fun Stuff