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Friday Challenge - Appreciating What You Have By Giving Something Up

Friday Challenge – Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Friday Challenge, a set of articles written for us by Shelley Wilson as a gift to you the reader. 531 more words


Let's Go Camping With Playmobil

Summer is well on its way, and everyone is turning their attention to the great outdoors again. The backyard, the beach, the campground. All are magical places where kids make memories that last a lifetime. 273 more words

Fun Things

The ones that don't make the cut...

When your promoting things, only the best of the best pictures will do… But there are still a lot of awesome memories in the pictures that don’t make the cut!! 238 more words

Fun Things

Pomegranates: Autumn's Antioxidant

Who doesn’t love autumn? It is a season that brings vibrant colours, fresh smells, home comforts and a whole new season of fresh fruit and veg. 289 more words

Andover Leisure Centre

Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank was a staunch Conservative

My Uncle Frank was a staunch Conservative, and voted straight Republican until the day he died in Chicago.


Since then he has voted Democrat.

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Secret Incredients Released

I just knew they would eventually release the ingredients in Viagra.

Vitamin E 3%

 Aspirin 2%

Ibuprofen 2%

Vitamin C 1%

Spray Starch  5%

Fix-A-Flat 87%

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