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The things I love about Lincoln.

Everyone says that the place where you go to University, becomes your first home. This is certainly true for my love of Lincoln. After having lived here for 4 years now, I can safely say that it is my first home and my first love. 946 more words

Fun Things

Boundaries- They are there to be respected

You know how two countries demarcate their boundaries? Yes, I’m talking about the lines on maps that separate one country from another. Well, these lines exist for people too. 522 more words


education is key to conservation

Education is key to conservation. I think that this is an incredible message worth sharing. It is what I aim to do every time I post on endangeredliving.com, our FB page or my twitter. 91 more words


The Witch With No Name

We have a title and a release date!! Such an exciting and yet sad day for fans of the Hollows. The 13th and final book titled… 228 more words


338 Steps later.

This weekend, Matt and I decided to take the Tower Tour of Lincoln Cathedral, which consisted of climbing around 338 steps to the highest tower of the Cathedral. 573 more words

Fun Things

Pakistan- a nation in contradictions

We are a strange people having originated from hardships and becoming one of the most unpredictable nations in the world. Call us crazy; call us ill-mannered; call us fundamentalists- One thing is for sure. 536 more words



I have an Instagram account. I’ve had it since last year. I don’t know what to do with it.

Instagram doesn’t come with instructions and that puts me at a disadvantage. 119 more words