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BFI Film Festival and Poppies at the Tower of London

Last Saturday I went to the BFI Festival to see Son of a Gun and it was incredible. It’s an action film starring Ewan McGregor, to be honest I was sold the minute I knew Ewan was in the film. 286 more words


FINALLY // Moving On


I repeat. The first magazine is done!!!!

I wasn’t even sure that was ever going to happen. I thought we would be stuck editing and re-editing over and over again for the rest of eternity. 297 more words

Daily Posts

Short-O Octopus

Yesterday we made lollipops. Today we each made a short-o octopus.

Tomorrow we are making puppets.

Fun Times

Paul and I went to a wedding for one of his relatives on Saturday. I don’t think I was actually invited to it.

I was invited to the bridal shower last month and weaseled my way out of it by blaming my dented car–which, by the way, is now fixed, but the other driver’s insurance company wanted me to take half the blame, my insurance company advised me not to, and the two companies are duking it out in arbitration–and then Paul mentioned going to the wedding. 467 more words


Book Share

Today Cleo read a book to the class all about Halloween that she wrote and illustrated.
She followed up the reading with a quick Q and A with the class. Fun times all around!

Fun Times

Short-O Lollipop

All week we are studying the short-o sound. Today we made lollipops filled with short-o words. It was a sweet project! Tomorrow we are each making a short-o octopus.

Fun Times