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Sights and Sands of Boracay

Boracay is the most overrated island in the Philippines I must say but travel junkies will always have this on their bucket list. Who wouldn’t fall in love with its white powdery sand, breath-taking panorama and probably one of the best sunset there is. 1,107 more words


October 2 is National World Farm Animals Day

Here are today’s five thing to know about Pig:

  1. Pig insulin is used to control diabetes.
  2. They are lean by nature, but are commonly overfed by their owners.
  3. 310 more words

Circuit surprise.

Morning training is a must here as my days and evenings are packed with todos there will be no other time that fits. Yesterday I took a 45 min pw in the sunrise and some pilates in the room. 94 more words


Fun :bad Memory

Wife at night: tell me how much did Sachin score in 2003 world cup against Pakistan?

Husband: 98, why?

Wife: now tell me why you didn’t wish me for my birthday since morning ? 17 more words


Fun : murgi

एक हैदराबादी परिवार में बेटा स्कूल से रोता हुआ घर आया.
मां : काईकू रोरा ?
बेटा : टीचर मारी मेरेकू
मां : काईकू मारी चुडैल तेरेकू ?👹
बेटा : मैं मुर्गी बोला उसकू🐓
मां : अरे काईकू ऐसा बोला रे ?
बेटा : काईकू बोले तो ? हर ईक्जामा में आंडा देरी मेरेकू. !


Fun : 1947

Two countries got Independence in 1947.. One reached Mars, while the other is still trying to enter India..



{ Update #003 }

This Update I fixed up
the monster from Update
#002. And now he got his
own name. Gakele that
is his name.