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October 25th, 2014

Who knew it was possible to sleep for literally 14 hours.


October 23rd, 2014

Day 40 of Freshman Year

Today we had a Lock In, from 8:15 p.m. all the way to 6:00 a.m. Here’s a play by play for every hour: 235 more words


Halloween Treats

This half term I have fun and creative plans for me and my son… we’re celebrating Halloween! Whether you’re looking for something to do at home or out and about, this post may give you a tip or two on what we can all get up to! 636 more words


Body Mods - Part 2!

Welp, it happened. I got my new tattoo yesterday! Making it the fourth one in my collection. Before I begin telling the tale of getting this baby done, let me show you a picture! 777 more words

Anything And Everything

Your unique-so dress like it

No two people are the same… Everyone always goes on about how they are unique and different from other people…. But why then do most people dress in the same way. 116 more words


Top 5: Rediculous But Adorable Disney Dog Costumes

I’m sure you’ve noticed this Halloween season that dog costumes are a big rage at the stores. Why you ask? Maybe it’s because we love to torture our animals! 89 more words


Must Read; A Girl Returns Home After 30years

A Girl Returns Home After 30 Years.
AKPOS the Father(angry): “Where the
hell have you been all these years???”
Girl: “I was working as a Prostitute in the Vietnam. 107 more words