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Appreciation Reflection

A lot has been happening in our little family lately and it got me thinking about how grateful I am to just be me. To be here, to have a loving husband, to have two beautiful girls, to have an amazing family, to have health and happiness… I am so lucky. 537 more words


My Private Public Diary Vol. 7

When I was younger, I had a speech impediment that made “tr” sound like “f”. It made the word “firetruck” and absolute nightmare and it left me in after school speech classes with a woman who also taugh special ed. 580 more words



Generally with your second pregnancy/child, you don’t get a baby shower and with us, that was ok because I have all the clothes and stuff left from when I had Braxton. 161 more words

Baby Lisk

Think I Losing My Marbles!

F/18.0, 1/60, ISO 160.

Day 29 / 365

You may not have lost all your marbles, but there’s definitely a hole in the bag.   :) 87 more words


Fun : छोटी समस्या

👏 हे भगवान…

मैं ज़िंदगी की छोटी छोटी
परेशानियों से थक गया हूँ…

तुम्हे अगर मुझे परेशानियाँ देनी ही हैं
तो बड़ी बड़ी परेशानियाँ दो, 15 more words



This is also the name of an event that holds several road races, but I think this is just a charming one-off. There are a few other Yukons on the road with this addition, too, sometimes from a Nike “Just Do It” decal.

Anyway, YUKON!