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Your Sex Life Depends On How You Commute To Function by Decorationzy

Cycling to operate has numerous health positive aspects, but a new study discovered that it has some additional perks that have nothing to do with spreadsheets and every thing to do with in in between the sheets. 28 more words

MaxGuard German safety shoes. A-Class - Function and Safety. Model Ashton A810.

Reviews MaxGuard German safety shoes. A-Class – Function and Safety. Model Ashton A810. for sale

Please take a few moments to view the MaxGuard German safety shoes. 92 more words

Kacey's Key Design

I have recently discovered two wonderful new products from Davis Furniture’s Elements Collection. These products provide a fun and functional touch to just about any space. 64 more words

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Journal One: inertia

Where was I in my own brainstorm?
Why-the biggest question of ever. Nothing makes sense. Time being a blur in the future or reminiscent of the past. 1,482 more words


Projecting urinary and sexual function after first-line treatment for prostate cancer

Data from a study conducted by a research team at Fox Chase Cancer Center here in Philadelphia may be able, in time, to help to identify when and how much various prostate cancer treatments will impact urinary and sexual functioning. 340 more words


You Want To Function These Guys: ANDREA•GWYNN

Darren Gwynn and Chloe Andrea from ANDREA•GWYNN
We recently had the privilege of working the overachievers, magic-makers, ANDREA•GWYNN. A•G is a photography and directing duo that run a digital agency and production house. 24 more words

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Cedarwood Green And Gold Inspiration Function On FabYouBliss

Soft and romantic, the atmosphere was gracious and grand – infused with just the right quantity of rustic and vintage – to make everyone feel like guests at an upscale ball, however relaxed in earthy-luxury. 18 more words

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