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Sleep Deprivation

Teenagers seem to always be behind in their sleep patterns. High school students need about 8-9 hours of sleep a night. However, most teenagers get less than 7 hours and are soon sleep deprived. 102 more words


Planning: Getting stuck into seating

Plans are good, they help you visualise the future and work out fine details. They are also subject to change.. especially when I am in charge! 355 more words


Managing Cortisol (Part 1)

No matter who you are, we all are constantly exposed to stressors. Our environment, work life, family life, social life, diet, exercise, and even our mentality can cause inflammation in our bodies through the release of the hormone: Cortisol. 718 more words


Orlando IT Support Providers Make Form and Function for Actor Sites

People who want to strike gold in the highly competitive entertainment industry realize that they need a powerful online presence with vital links, to attract ever new opportunities to shine. 43 more words


Causality and Self

I planned on writing about this eventually, but encountered a recent blog post that moved up my timeline.

What does it mean to “blame”, or “fault”, an “individual” for his “choices”? 216 more words


Add these to your ~/.bashrc file and then load it with either . ~/.bashrc or source ~/.bashrc.

  Change to a directory, and immediately list it's contents, (with "ls -lAF --group-directories-first"). 115 more words

Python - something about function arguments

We have talked about briefly how to read in arguments from the command line using argparse from this post, however, do you know there is really a lot that you might not know about defining a function in Python. 100 more words