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What to look for when choosing a new coach/trainer

My personal view on this is that qualifications aren’t the key to finding a good coach, at the end of the day a piece of paper to say that someone has attended a course or passed a written exam don’t make someone a good coach. 629 more words

Athlete Development And Strength & Conditioning

WOD 12/1/2014

For Time
Handstand Push Up


You wanna hang out sometime?

Do you remember when we used to swing on the monkey bars? Did you ever climb trees near your house? Didn’t it feel so natural to swing and climb when you and I were children? 792 more words


A Pyramid to Success

In my opinion, many lacrosse athletes believe the best way to excel is to master those sport-specific skills pertaining to lacrosse (i.e., stick handling, shooting, passing and catching). 542 more words

Testing And Assessment

Early Start

6 Nov 2014

Coach Jorge helps his son do his first wall walk up. It was all Number 3’s idea! It’s never to early, in the day or in age, to walk up the walls!


KORE Wellness Murph Training - Week of event - Day 2

Training Week 13, Day 2

Do a 30 Pull ups, 60 Push ups,  90 Squats (break up the reps and rest as needed to maintain good form) 210 more words

Whole Body

Kid's Magic Kids

I came across a wonderful article about a magic workshop for partially paralysed children (hemi-plegic).  It told how the actions of holding, dealing, and playing cards, and other magic tricks, got them to use their fingers, wrists, arms, in a way that increased their joint mobility and improved their motor skills.   388 more words