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Core training with Andy 'Ironmac' McKenzie

As a coach I am always looking to develop and learn to provide clients with the best possible coaching. Well after attending Andy’s core workshop it is safe to say I have never learnt so much in such a short period of time. 178 more words

Athlete Development And Strength & Conditioning


I was born in the era of leg warmers… This simple phrase for me evokes images of sit ups and butt squeezes. Yet in an era much earlier than this, Joseph Pilates was creating a form of exercise quite contradictory to the culture of tight buns and six packs. 414 more words


Wednesday Night Group S&C

Over the past few weeks our Wednesday night class has been growing in popularity and we now have a great group attending on a regular basis. 86 more words

Functional Movement

WOD 3/18/2014

3 Rounds For Time
21 Wall Balls
15 Box Jumps
9 Pull Ups

Bench Press
Work up to a heavy 3


Movement - A back to basics approach and functional movement

I will try to keep this relatively short as I could talk about the topic area for ages, in fact you could write a book on the topic and many people have, for example Kerry Starrett’s ‘Becoming a supple leopard’. 447 more words

Athlete Development And Strength & Conditioning

Functional Movement Screen: The 7 Movement Assessments.

The Functional Movement Screen is a tool for dynamically assessing your body’s movement patterns and attempts to identify limitations and asymmetries that could predispose a person to injury. 561 more words

Muscle Recruitment Patterns and Discharge Rate

One of the most important philosophical/physiological aspects is to understand the utilization of the discharge rate/sequence. The discharge rate is the progressive recruitment and activation of our motor units within our muscles. 258 more words