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People are leaving New York, Chicago and Los Angeles for Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Charlotte and Nashville

Since the United States is a fairly dynamic place economically and socially, there are obviously multiple tiers to any discussion of its migration patterns. To simplify, … 623 more words

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Brief thought exercise: In higher education, research is hard. It takes time (presumably). So is there truly any incentive to actually focus on teaching?

Two quick anecdotes to jump this off:

1. Last night, I was going to a graduate school class. I ran into my friend on the steps and we stood there talking for 10-15 minutes — in the process annoying the crap out of everyone trying to pass us, no doubt — about life and school and all that. 731 more words

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Did Mad Men use the same foreshadowing clue as How I Met Your Mother once did?

You won’t see Mad Men and How I Met Your Mother compared that often — although Neil Patrick Harris could probably fit seamlessly on both — but they may have dropped a similar foreshadowing technique in their final couple of seasons. 256 more words

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Is Jeff Teague going to become a star as the Hawks beat the Pacers in Round 1?

Pretty much all the signs are there, even if you don’t want to admit them/see them:

1. The Hawks won Game 1 of their series vs. 521 more words

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Did Lagunitas beer really grow 85 percent from 2012 to 2013?

There was a recent article in The Atlantic about “the state of American beer,” ultimately using data from Beverage Industry Magazine to see where the different beer brands (the American ones) stand as of the end of 2013. 682 more words

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