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The Liberal Bill of Rights

We, the liberals of the United States, clearly knowing what’s best for you, have declared that the following rights to be indisputable for a truly progressive and enlightened society. 873 more words


Obama Official: Return Of Islamic Caliphate "Inevitable".

He is seen as the harbinger for the coming Islamic Mahdi.  From Egypt, to Yemen, to Libya, to Iraq – Obama lends his hand to establishing a global Islamic Caliphate. 1,578 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny

Scandals, or Fundamental Transformations?

This article, Was Benghazi a Scandal? by Victor Davis Hanson, answers this question. The President has gone about ignoring the rule of law in so many cases it is hard to remember them all. 337 more words

Government And Politics

M_ F_ ..........check one

Medicare, as of May 30th, ruled that it will pay (via wealth transfer) for the medical equivalent of fundamental transformation: “reassignment surgery for the transgendered”. These are the people that self-identify as some-body else. 93 more words


Obama Blames America's Founding Father's For "Gridlock"

Obama says the Constitution puts Democrats at a “disadvantage” citing it as a “problem” while lamenting Republicans have ‘disproportionate clout’.

What did you people think Obama meant when he said this? 280 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny