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Polygamists charged

Polygamy charges have finally been laid against Mormon fundamentalists from Bountiful. And if you read the article you’ll see that these misogynist will be making the  161 more words

Crazy Conservatives

Lighten up

Islamic State’s campaign of barbaric violence is showing us the ugliest face of religion. What they’re doing seems extreme, but it is in fact hardly different from what people have been doing in the name of religions across the globe and throughout time. 706 more words


Fundamentalism: Thinking Historically

I want to take a little passage from a book I read a good portion through (but haven’t finished yet) and put it down here. The book is, … 330 more words

Church Life

Jesus is "Speaking" to Me!

Now, He does not “literally” speak to me.  I don’t hear voices or anything like that.  If it should happen I would refill my prescription of industrial-strength Haldol quickly! 1,085 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Is Religious Fundamentalism an Emotional Illness Like OCD?

The intensity with which many religious fundamentalists hold their faith, which by definition they can’t justify with logic, is frightening to me and many others.  Often religious fundamentalists are intolerant, even to the point of committing extreme violence and sociopolitical “ 286 more words


“The opposite of faith is not doubt but certainty.”

And absolute certainty is what leads to fundamentalism

Spiritual Development

Ancient Shores - Jack McDevitt (1996)

‘Tom Lasker is about to have his life turned upside down. In the midst of his wheat fields two thousand miles from any ocean, he digs up the remains of a forty-two foot sailboat in near perfect condition. 425 more words