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Residents of Timbuktu Walked Out Of Mosque When Occupying Fundamentalists Spoke

I’ve been waiting for such stories to surface in Mali. Here we have it, some proof, a human story from Timbuktu exposing the fact that Malian people in the North did exhibit peaceful resistance to the fundamentalist soldiers that occupied their town in Mali. 82 more words


In Interest of a Higher Religious Debate

In Interest of a Higher Religious Debate

        the strawman fallacy:

You misrepresent someone’s argument to make it easier to attack.

(Or: I don’t believe in the God you don’t believe in either) 3,083 more words

On "you're just bitter" and other challenges

Over at ace-education.co.uk, there’s a post entitled “10 Questions for Jonny Scaramana“. Here are my answers.

Jonny Scaramanga is infamous for his anti ACE blogs.

2,654 more words

When the Gospel Goes Overseas

For nearly two years now, I have been writing to expose heretical doctrines and practices within the modern American church. Some may wonder why I bother. 1,463 more words


No Compromise

It amuses me to see #IFBX (Independent Fundamental Baptist Extreme) posters on Twitter talking about their refusal to compromise. What exactly does this mean? Generally, they are talking about a traditional fundamentalist practice that has been passed down from generation to generation. 826 more words

Evangelicalism, or American Folk Religion?

I hate Evangelicalism. Or, at least, I think I do. Except that I’m pretty sure that I’m an Evangelical.

It’s complicated.

For anyone coming to BTS lunch this coming semester, we’ll probably be talking about what Evangelicalism is. 1,386 more words