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Thoughts on Liberal Christianity's Tension Between Faith and Reason

While watching an interview of John Shelby Spong on Youtube, I heard him articulate an area of tension that I’ve experienced in my own life. 575 more words

Written Reflections

this Easter, let's not be those guys...

This Easter, if you are one of the 72% of people in this country who self identify as Christian, ask yourself that retro and corny question: “What would Jesus do?” 151 more words

The unregrettable brevity of life of creationist colleges

Colleges of higher education that have a commitment to a biblically-literal, inerrantist Christian worldview are pretty rare outside the USA. The website christiananswers.net provides a helpful list of institutions where you might study if you wanted to be protected from pesky liberals who claim that, for example, the universe was not created in six periods of 24-hours ( 330 more words

"Facing the Taliban" by Anoja Wijeyesekera

Synopsis of Anoja Wijeyesekera’s FACING the TALIBAN

It is the night of 11th September 2001. Anoja is frantically gathering her things. In the background, the falling bombs shake the foundations of the house, but her thoughts are far away. 595 more words

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Answers & Questions for Religious Fundamentalists

Firstly I’d like to say we shouldn’t forget that although we’re on the internet we’re dealing with real people. Real people who are LGBT, Christians, Atheists, Parents, and the list goes on. 1,422 more words


10 Problems With ”Dawahmen”

This brilliant and timely article should be required reading for all aspiring dawah carriers and seasoned Muslim apologists alike. Here you will read balanced – yet penetrating – critiques  7,733 more words


Noah's Ark: A Sea Change in the Human Mind

What do the stories of Creation and Noah’s Ark have in common?

Umm . . . atheists and fundamentalists spend a lot of time arguing about them? 3,742 more words

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