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The Cure For "Racial Tensions?"

Answers in Genesis emailed me ten days ago. They claimed to have found the cure for “racial tensions” (and yes, they used quotation marks).

“Racial tensions” manifested by the likes of street demonstrations in Ferguson, use-of-force inquires, the shooting of unarmed black men, and the less than equitable media coverage of these events. 204 more words


5 reasons why I'm glad I left fundamentalist Christiandom behind

Before I get into my list, first I want to state that not all people considered fundamentalists or conservatives are like the fundamentalist Christianity I am most familiar with. 983 more words

Are Atheism and Islam Religions?

Neither Atheism nor Islam are, in my mind, religions. A religion, apart from the obvious devotion to a deity, suggests efforts to convert others to your religion. 364 more words



How quick the parchment

Flares and blackens

The calligraphy of

Chronicled events

Under the flame of

The malevolent torch

Howling wolves’ herald

An arrival of the… 248 more words

Exist don't Coexist

Occasionally when I’m driving I will see a bumper sticker that says “Coexist”all the letters that make up the word are in various symbols of all the major world religions. 1,320 more words

Dark Clouds

I suppose I take after my mother in being forthright in giving my opinion and in not suffering fools lightly. Unfortunately the world is full of fools and, unfortunately, there have been times when I have kept my thought and opinions to myself, but later regretted doing so. 870 more words



A few years ago I was associated with a group of “progressive christians” – the labelling was entirely theirs. They were an intelligent, passionate mob, keen on Jack Spong, Karen Armstrong, Gretta Vosper, and other thinkers of like mind. 1,010 more words