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Indigo prophesy

A whisper against a lion’s roar. The innocent before the believers. Feeling sky gods cower to the will of the devoted. Indigo blood washing over the faithful from those deemed worthless of cleansing inherent guilt. 140 more words


Christian Harry Potter Fanfiction To The Rescue!

Last Monday I wrote about the moral panic around Harry Potter, which persists even though the books are finished and the movie adaptations all over and done with. 3,167 more words

Fighting With Fundamentalism

The Narcissism Epidemic

A brief note before I start: The right has a habit of finding significant trends and memes and then overusing or distorting the meaning of terms in order to desensitize populations that might be getting a clue.   621 more words


Fundamentalism is a Problem

Every religion has its super conservative side. The group believes strongly that THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD, WRITTEN BY GOD, AND MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY.   385 more words


Is there such a thing as "Biblical" marriage?

Rachel Ford recently published an article on the website of the “Friendly” Atheist arguing that the Bible is a morally consistent evil book presenting marriage coherently as a man possessing several wifes as objects to be used and maltreated. 2,101 more words

Progressive Christianity / Progressives Christentum

Jesus v.s. The Beatles


That’s the question many of you are asking upon seeing the title of this blog post. It’s a ridiculous title, regardless of what you believe about Jesus or the Beatles. 1,454 more words

Inspiration needed! Find it here...

Today I have been most inspired and uplifted by a wonderfully accessible, lucid,  reasonable, rational and open-minded statement which puts that fundamentalism which has so narrowed the general scope of scientific enquiry firmly in its place – but without being the least bit offensive in the process of doing so. 116 more words

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