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European salamanders and newts vulnerable to fungal disease from Asia

The fungus probably arrived in Europe recently, and its presence in traded amphibians suggests that the intercontinental movement of amphibians explains its introduction.

The previously unknown fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans was discovered last year by researchers investigating a huge crash in the population of fire salamanders in the Netherlands. 304 more words


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Is it just me or has autumn really moved in!! we’ve been having such varied weather recently, but i think the grey clouds may be here to stay for a while. 82 more words


10.30.2014 Don't eat a Amanita

Bad grammar but it has a rhythm.  :-)

Fungi are such interesting organisms and are essential to the ecology and success of plants.  The mycorrhizal association they have with plants is one of mutual benefit.  181 more words

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Toadstools – possibly for a fairy house.


day 302 - anywhere

Just a little moisture, and fungus will grow anywhere. Even on the side of a tree trunk.

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Fall Into Fungus

 I think it is fair to say I am slightly obsessed with fungus. Not the icky sort – and of that we shall say no more – but the weird and wonderful sort that grow out in the woods. 469 more words