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Gathering mushrooms

Yesterday I went mushrooming. The warm wet autumn rain has provided an abundance. All varieties of mushrooms abound; even the poisonous ones. I’m now a sprightly seventy, but my grandfather taught me when I was a kid how to tell one mushroom from another. 327 more words

Creative Writing

Witches' Butter

One reason I like mushrooms is their descriptive names,

like this Witches’ butter (Tremella mensenterica).

This small jelly-like fungus grew on a stick that fell out of the dead pear tree in our yard.

Hongo / Fungus

Macro 1:1 90mm 1:2.8


Taking it Back

Isn’t it funny that decay yields such bright colors?

Woodford State Park, VT

Sometime fall 2012


Collaboration with Bethany Walker: work in progress

I’ve long been fascinated by Bethany’s combination of textiles and cement; the contrasting soft and hard materials, the transformation of cloth from malleable to solid objects and the potential her innovative techniques would hold for my kind of manipulated textiles. 339 more words


A New Way to Combat Introduced Diseases: The Use of Synthetic Biology in Conservation - By Feyza Zaman

The current ecological atmosphere is arguably one of instability, over-exploitation, and a rapid and poorly understood change towards global homogeneity. The numerous anthropogenic pressures placed on the natural environment, potentially beginning with early humans millennia ago, have been ever increasing in volume and effect, with extinction rates now thought to be approximately 100-1000 times greater than what is considered normal background levels (Smith… 2,630 more words

Research Essay


Some more shots that I have just got round to editing and uploading. This one is of some fungus growing on a old dead tree at Shipley Park, Derbyshire. 12 more words