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Harvest & Tomato Blight

It rained most of last week, so we didn’t pick vegetables and fruit until Sunday (August 24th).  If you handle plants when they are wet, you can more easily transfer diseases between them. 347 more words


Bats Spread Ebola by Dropping Contaminated Fruit on People, Fungus Kills Ants By Its Spores





Majid Ali, M.D.




Fruit Bats Drop Contaminated Fruit to Spread Ebola Virus 







A Fungus Kills An Ant, Grows On Its Dead Body, Then Drops Its Spores to Ants Passing By Below It





Nature Walks, August

“So come, get ready. Don’t delay! We’re on a nature trail today.”

- by Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

I can’t believe that August is finishing up!

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Documentary: Know Your Mushrooms

Earlier this month, the 33rd annual Telluride Mushroom Festival took place in Telluride, Colorado. This is an event that draws in hundreds (thousands, perhaps?) of fungi enthusiasts. 516 more words




The reproduction takes place by means of asexual and sexual methods.

Asexual reproduction:

The asexual reproduction takes place by means of uninucleate conidia. The conidia are developed on the conidiophores. 333 more words


"Going Home"

Sometimes, if we’re lucky,  thoughts off our past bring back memories of a special place that may have been part of the lazy warm summer days of our childhood. 542 more words

Central Ohio Nature