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M is for Moss and Maybe a Mushroom?

I’m actually not sure whether that’s some sort of fungus-mushroom thing (my knowledge in this area is minimal… microscopic… miniscule…) or some kind of squidgy alien being. 76 more words


What are Mycorrhizal fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi are the soul mates of any terrestrial plant on this earth. Without AM fungi (ectomycorrhizae) or EM fungi (endomycorrhiza) the plant(s)  that you are trying to grow will not receive any of its nutrients that are needed.Plants have the carbon and sunlight energy taken cared of by the process of photosynthesis, but from the soil it needs compounds of phosphate, water, nitrogen, and other minerals that are necessary to continue its growth. 160 more words

Trees at Hardwick Park

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Baker’s yeast protects against fatal infections

Public release date: 9-Aug-2011

Injecting mice with simple baker’s yeast protects against the fatal fungal infection, aspergillosis, according to research published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. 378 more words

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Protector (Tanka)

microscopic proportions
you sit on your host
some call you a parasite
crusty coated scum
but beauty is yours, just look