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Don't Even Think About It!!

This is my 6 year old niece, on her way to Las Vegas with my sister. My sister went to get a Starbucks and told my niece to watch the luggage (with me there of course). 35 more words


David Letterman gets his first taste of Stephen Colbert...

As Stephen Colbert prepares to take the helm of Letterman he gives us a first taste:


So my son texted me from the toilet

And it’s so funny, I can’t figure out if he was making a joke or being serious.  What do you think?



Finde das Bauarbeiterdécolleté…



Banana War Zone

It’s always fun when you walk into your kitchen and find a banana war zone.

Especially when you had just gone to the store that morning and bought those bananas. 110 more words

My Life

I used to...

be a sponge for new information…now I’m more of a wet paper towel.