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New Orleans Pelicans unveil new Red Alt Jerseys

Much like the Dallas Mavericks earlier today, the Pelicans unveiled a new jersey that will be worn as early as this upcoming season.

The new jerseys feature a dark red trim simmilar to the Atlanta Hawks. 20 more words


Signing autographs LOL


Hot damn! Haha thank you my friends! I am enjoying so many great posts, eyes are burning!


Meet the Woman with Three Breasts

It has cost $20,000 for Jasmine to get the plastic surgery done to look like the character from Total Recall. Apparently, she had had to go through over 50 doctors before doing the surgery, as most of them has rejected to break their code of ethics. 20 more words


Critical Third

There’s not much more I need to say to introduce┬áthis┬ástory, it kind of speaks for itself.

“Is she crazy? According to Tridevil, “I am crazy. 476 more words



Me at lectures lately…

Me in dorm room (while studying…(?))

Jake the dog just summarized what my life has been like since I moved into to residence as a university student… hahaha…


Teenage Girl Cries in Her Dad's Arms While Getting Shots at the Doctors Office

This girl is wayyy to old to be acting like this smdh. Her dad is sitting there holding her in his arms like she’s a damn baby as she crying and whines while getting a shot at the doctor’s office. 19 more words