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#30. I care too much

Part of the reason why I am single and very content in being so is because I hold on to things for longer than I should. 593 more words

Hot Enough to Ride, Sparkle Pony?

From the Wheel of Life Fortune Wheel at Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult.


I QUIT: 20 Instances at Least

In childhood I quit

Softball (because I had to pee)

Believing in Santa Clause (because my dad always told me the truth)

Wetting the bed (because I was 12) 298 more words


"Maybe if you read more, you'd have a larger vocabulary."

This quote comes from my favorite comic strip of all time, Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin has just stated “I’m a man of few words,” and Hobbes burns him by saying “Maybe if you read more, you’d have a larger vocabulary.” I feel like this quote can be very generalized because I feel like people have given up on reading and now rely on google and dictionary.com to help them with their word choices. 97 more words

Calvin And Hobbes

HA! Jason Aldean Is Funny!

Do you follow Jason Aldean on Instagram? He posted this picture of FGL passed OUT on the plane.
Scroll down….

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His caption and hastags are so funny! 15 more words