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Indecent Experiment, by Megan Hart


A thousand dollars is a lot of money–enough to entice broke grad students Melissa Standish and Matt Ingram to participate in a psych experiment to test sexual chemistry. 450 more words


Top 10 tips for tipping (no I do not mean your waiter) from a country gal

1. Go to a field where there are cows.

2. Ensure the farmer is not around, otherwise you may be shot. I’m not even joking. 222 more words


Week 15 - Where Do I Fit?

This week was interesting. We did a 2 one rep max days (this is where you find the max weight you can lift and can either make you feel like Wonder Woman or a kid). 324 more words


Johnny Depp Making Weird Faces

A supercut of Johnny Depp making funny faces in various movies.


We can't ALL get what we want

This was so funny it made me exhale quickly through my nose, almost sounding like a laugh


Typos in the media - some recent gems

Yes I know I like to take a crack at stuff.co.nz now and then, if its not their speculation instead of news, its their typos.  Still a girl has to have some fun, right? 74 more words

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