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There's Going to be S#$T and H#LL to Pay

Doctor: How’s it going?

Shelley: Now that my foot feels better, awesome. Thank goodness, because John and I recently celebrated “Christmas in July” with our kids (Matt and Andrew) and their significant others (Ash and Emma). 412 more words


Funny : The importance of dental hygiene (& perhaps false advertising?)

Apparently these clever wee dental sticks, which I bought recently, not only “remove food” but also “plague“…


Quick Hit: Something Weird for a Monday Night

I bet none of you know that Hasidic punk rock is a thing.

The Na Nachs are kind of weird, but they do know how to party… 68 more words


Generational Gaps

I oftentimes hear cries from the older generations that my generation is self-entitled and lazy and this and that. Whatever. My parents were handed everything in their lives. 585 more words


Rock Lobsters and Busy Bees

Apologies BBz for my very fashionably timed bog post, 

I have been a very busy bee seeing family up north, so I hope that you can forgive me! 333 more words

Be Happy!

Kids, Say No To Bleaching Cream!!

This video is hilarious yet still educative.

We should all have a teacher like the teacher in this video LOL!!