This Morning's Subway Ride [NSFW]

The following account is derived entirely from memory. I recounted this story to the best of my ability, but it is not 100% accurate.

It was already going to be an interesting day. 691 more words


Sh*t new parents say

So…, I was walking back from the library this morning and was pushing the piggletini with carton of iced coffee in the hand that I was pushing the pram with. 309 more words

Queen Bee

Over the weekend, I stopped by the shelter to visit with the adorable pocket pittie named Meadow whom you may have seen spammed all over… 318 more words


"I Want To Be A Sister"

The host of the Steubenville conference I went to this weekend had a great admiration for consecrated religious sisters. He told us a story about how, when he was in Amarillo, Texas, staying with a group of sisters, they offered to take him out to dinner before his flight back to Colorado. 938 more words