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So I think this might be considered as “sci fi” comic strip. Again idea was shared with one of my members – the same guy is helping me with my other website -¬†http://mydirtydrawings.net/ – which is FREE to see, so come along and check it out too! But still …


A time ago – I drew Nikki – a tranny model, who appears to be fan of the stuff I do. Well gals and guys – ain’t that something ??? 18 more words

Facebook Chick: Mya Jane - a Slave Princess!

Mya Jane
Now that’s something! Curvy forms, smooth silky skin, long hair and a look that would make even Jaba the Hutt to howl like wolf! 25 more words

Facebook Chick - Paulina De Angelis

Paulina De Angelis
Has very specific look – if you are asking me. She’s got nice look, smooth shapes and one of the most awesome pair of boobs a woman could possess!

Facebook Chick: Megan Avalon as Nurse Megan

Obviously I like drawing that chick – the reasons are :

1. She’s hot
2. She’s fit
3. She’s sexy
4. She’s got BIG boobs, and last but not least she has big boobs. Just saying.

Facebook Chick Megan Avalon as Superia

A requested drawing I did earlier back in 2013. You should be able to recognize the dudes


Percy and BJ….

They are best friends forever.

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