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Momma Say What?

Andrew Michaels | Artwork: Kelsey Sartory

I’m sure you took one glance at the big flashy letters reading, “Momma Say What?!” and thought, “This HAS to be a black man’s rip off of ‘Sh*t My Dad Says,’ by Justin Halpern.” Whelp, as much as I hate to disappoint, I am not black. 186 more words

The Annual

Sun Fuzzies

When the girls were little, I was in the kitchen making breakfast and they were playing in the living room.   I heard giggles and dancing and clapping so I went out to see what all the excitement was about.  93 more words


"Wake me if you need me."

I was saying goodnight to the girls and I was in S’s room and I asked my regular nightly question, “what was the favorite part of your day?” S told me and I told her my other “regular”, “wake me if you need me.” She smiled and I added, “because you know when I’m old and I have to come to live with you, I’m going to wake you EVERY night scared of invisible spiders.” 11 more words


Two Weddings and a Funeral: Part 2: Wedding One

When the week of the family wedding arrived there was a sense of anticipation palpable in everyone except the two year olds who had no idea that they were expected to preform in the wedding by walking down the aisle, pretending to be the cute well behaved children they were not, throwing flower petals instead of tantrums and smiling on cue. 2,149 more words

...you could open the door.

Ok…so I feel I’ve adapted to my family’s seemingly inability to throw trash away despite what I feel are conveniently located trash cans throughout our small bungalow home. 278 more words