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Headaches Migrate

Ma called me and wanted me to chauffeur her around for the day while she ran errands and did some shopping.  I told her I couldn’t because I had a really bad headache. 131 more words

Funny Mom

Cairoism: On the Tooth Fairy

A Cairoism is a term I have coined from the small little brilliant things that come from my son Cairo’s eight year old brain. I like to record and share some of his wonderful and thought provoking comments. 409 more words


Jumping on the couch

As with every kid, when the girls were little, they liked to jump on furniture.  Bed, couch, chairs, coffee table…it didn’t matter what it was, they jumped on it, and as with every mom, jumping on the furniture is huge no-no! 217 more words


I Don’t Have ADD, I Have An Overly Sensitive Curiosity Problem

I was supposed to post an entry on my blog this morning, but that would’ve required me being a grown up and actually sitting down and writing it. 722 more words