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Goodbye My Perfect Settee...

So I am officially giving up the HomeGoods across america search for my Settee. How sick of reading the word Settee are you guys? Hahaha My husband is not to keen on my idea of driving up coast and personally searching all of the HomeGoods up North so I guess I’m done. 115 more words

Funny Mom

Molly is a Foodie...

Critter made himself a delicious sandwich and was trying to enjoy it when Molly spotted it. Molly will do anything for food, she doesn’t care what kind of food it is. 143 more words


Pooping Should Be Easy

Yes. This post is about poop. All about some poop. If you need to leave, I understand.

My three year old is currently writhing on my lap whimpering the phrase “I don’t feel good” over and over. 461 more words

Every Day Fun And/or Misery

It Could Be Hormones… Day One

While remodeling my home, I have been dreaming of redoing our bedroom. To finally have a Serene place for me to escape my kids. I was so looking forward to decorating it the way I have always wanted. 532 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Egg hunts, pinwheels and mommy mishaps

For those of you that have children then you will understand the following statement. Most of the time it is too much of a hassle to leave the house. 646 more words


Beauty Talk

My Favorite Blushes for the Spring and Summer..

“Orgasm is just to DIE for. It has been a longtime favorite of mine and is one of my must have products.   75 more words

Stay At Home Mom