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The Nerds of Doom

A boy labeled as a square, is like a bald old man labeled as “without hair”.

For nerds climb ropes, and then busts them jokes; 64 more words


Race horse Called FRED

but I liked an old nag called Fred, 
he looked sort of eager and flighty,
as the bookmakers odds span around in my head,
and sweet Aphrodite went into the red, 183 more words

Promoting Yourself

Internet Love – My Very First Poem

This poem is very close to my heart. Needless to say it’s the first one I ever wrote. I was 17 then, and I am still not embarrassed to share this. 183 more words

My Poetry


The fate is now, the fate is a wow-

Cause destiny is a child;

A child of the how-

20 “g”’s and 40 “y”’s, to complete apple pies- 88 more words


The Get Lost Stare

So if worm peoples’, and bone peoples’

make up as “thrall” peoples’ then, what makes out the flesh of it all there of?!

To whom the head men swing heads straight surely equal… 33 more words


Bee Wings Change

Bee wings change, from insect into bat wings-

From merry little songs, into cries from the wyvern-

For bees carry away; humans into slaves-

Then chews them up, and spits them out- 90 more words