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Friday Foetry - White Cardigan

I gotta admit, you guys. I haven’t been particularly inspired to write funny poetry lately. That’s why I’ve been missing some Fridays. But here it is. 58 more words

Friday Foetry

Beating Your Head Against A Wall

This poem is dedicated, to all of those moments, when you just want to beat your head against a wall; filing taxes, when it rains for the 100th time, falling in love with someone you hate, gasoline prices, forgetting to do  20 more words


Beware of Christian Horses

It’s not easy, but I’ll try my best,

to tell a joke in prose.

I just hope it’s not one,

that everybody knows.


Two couples were on vacation, 315 more words


The Threshold of Eternity

I’m a Canadian, and as some of you might know, Canadians stereotypically like to complain about the weather. I had that stereotype in mind today… now, I can’t say its true for all of us, but it is true for me. 100 more words


Little WONDER!

We’re the BEST!
We’re sublime,
excelling, stunning
all the time.
We have no rivals
in this hue
nor any friends
(sigh, ’tis true).
12 more words


A Stupid Butterfly Poem

A Stupid Butterfly Poem

Clipped between the window pane

and the screen,

two monarch wings

lay at wicked angles,

dusted with the world that passed… 227 more words


Unlikely to get the job

Listed as her top credential:

“proficient in all three utensils.”

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