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Bimble Bumble Bum Bum

Bimble Bumble Bum Bum

A camel with a purple hump
Came over to show me his rump
He aah-ed and he ooh-ed
It hurt when he pooed… 134 more words






Saturday morning and once again

It’s cold and cloudy and here comes the rain.

Not long ago we complained about the heat

And all the sand sticking to our feet! 93 more words

Funny Poems

Roses are Red - Day XIX - NaPoWriMo 2014

So for today’s entry for the NaPoWriMo challenge I’m going old school – By which I mean I’ve decided to go back to the form most of us adopted for our very first poem as children – Some will be cheesy, some will (hopefully) be funny, and inevitably some will just be lame : p – Let’s see if we can’t have some fun with this… 176 more words


The Nerds of Doom

A boy labeled as a square, is like a bald old man labeled as “without hair”.

For nerds climb ropes, and then busts them jokes; 64 more words


Race horse Called FRED

but I liked an old nag called Fred, 
he looked sort of eager and flighty,
as the bookmakers odds span around in my head,
and sweet Aphrodite went into the red, 183 more words

Promoting Yourself

Internet Love – My Very First Poem

This poem is very close to my heart. Needless to say it’s the first one I ever wrote. I was 17 then, and I am still not embarrassed to share this. 183 more words

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