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The Literal Definition of Dumb-ass

Standing there, looking like the

definition of a dumb-ass,

your grey fur and four legs,

with an iq south of 90,

stop swatting flies and read a book!


Holey Hunger, Bagman!

He bought a dozen donuts,
but afraid of gaining weight,
he cut each of us in half
and put 6 halves to a plate.
He thinks it’ll slow him down,
47 more words


Eulogy to a Bug

‘Twixt the pages of my numb book

Sleeps in perfect harmony, a dumb Bug.

Laugh not, for the Bug lies in peace!

Tho’ not mummified, yet in one piece. 151 more words


Knowing Where

Pastor, Rabbi, & Priest, all with a day off,

decided to go fishing that day.

They loaded the car with lunch and gear,

and before long, they were on their way. 212 more words



I never once read the ingredients

of the bottles that watch us from above

& I never thought they’d be with us

as we fall even deeper in love… 600 more words

Gareth Breeze

Friday Foetry - White Cardigan

I gotta admit, you guys. I haven’t been particularly inspired to write funny poetry lately. That’s why I’ve been missing some Fridays. But here it is. 58 more words

Friday Foetry

Beating Your Head Against A Wall

This poem is dedicated, to all of those moments, when you just want to beat your head against a wall; filing taxes, when it rains for the 100th time, falling in love with someone you hate, gasoline prices, forgetting to do  20 more words