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The Day the Juice Drank Down

The juice drank down, and then gushed the inner throat;

gobbled down like water, and slurped warm like a coat. The evening day that was, like a glass of good juice; 58 more words


A Hard Life (and without a Wife)

A wrought-iron bench,
I often get drenched
weather or not I mind,
and people complain
in sun and in rain
I put ridges on their behind.
12 more words


The Physics Teacher

Trying to preserve his students’ sanity,
he tells them that inertia is simply laziness.
Mass is how much stuffing a person contains
—a measure determined by waist size. 81 more words

Creative Writing

The Pop Culture Poem

This is what happens when you mix writer’s block, and too much internet browsing. It was meant to be done as a spoken word poem, and is comprised mainly of internet memes and pop culture references. 249 more words


New City

The following poem is an autobiography of a man from a very remote district of Uttar Pradesh who has to come to a NEW CITY: MUMBAI (The City of Dreams) in order to fulfill his dreams….. 180 more words



I might just live to be 75

So I have two more 25s.

Well, if I become a vegetarian

Maybe I’ll live 20 years less than a centenarian. 108 more words


The Literal Definition of Dumb-ass

Standing there, looking like the

definition of a dumb-ass,

your grey fur and four legs,

with an iq south of 90,

stop swatting flies and read a book!