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nothing more than having sex with words
while reason is
drunk on the porchsteps
your muse
sneaks in through the back door with
the broken latch… 6 more words

N.R. Allen


If numbers

can be irrational,

then why can’t I?

I want to be

the square root of two!

So, kiss my ass, Pythagoras!

I too can go on and on, 18 more words

Silly Stuff

Pumpkin man II. (poem)

Diddly doodly doo,

a need some good brew.

My stomach hurts a lot

because of these…


Throw them away!

I don`t want any more. 290 more words


Pumpkin man (poem)

Pumpkin man is waking up,

getting ready for another visit,

to see what has changed

through that year.

Pumpkin heads everywhere,

he doesn`t like the view, 180 more words


The Day the Juice Drank Down

The juice drank down, and then gushed the inner throat;

gobbled down like water, and slurped warm like a coat. The evening day that was, like a glass of good juice; 65 more words


A Hard Life (and without a Wife)

A wrought-iron bench,
I often get drenched
weather or not I mind,
and people complain
in sun and in rain
I put ridges on their behind.
12 more words


The Pop Culture Poem

This is what happens when you mix writer’s block, and too much internet browsing. It was meant to be done as a spoken word poem, and is comprised mainly of internet memes and pop culture references. 249 more words