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Dog Rabbit!

In the morning, I found

the culprit…

a rabbit, not a robber,

kept us up all night…

Seeing him now in the snow

made me laugh at last night’s imagined sight… 46 more words

Funny Poems

To All The Squirrels...

Before my day gets too busy, here’s a post for all of the squirrels that follow my blog.

May your day be filled with nuts and warmth, 23 more words


As You Think

My soul

pleads for


yet dwells in agony,


by little urchins

that say,

“As you think,

so shall you be.”

Funny Poems

I added a Poll for my blog! :)

Hello my friends, this is Gregory Thomas. :)

I am doing a poll to try and collect some important feedback for my blog. It’s just to see where in which area I should steer my material. 40 more words


Sexy is a State of Mind

I’ve come to realize

it’s not the size of my thighs,

nor the cup of my bra,

the width of my hips,

nor the skin on my chin… 63 more words

Funny Poems

Mincing Words

If you

had a bit

of an epiphany,

then you haven’t

truly had one…

See, an epiphany

is like a Grand Slam

it hits and hits and hits… 20 more words

Funny Poems

We Need a Union

A union meeting is called,

and all the animals were invited.

Whoever represented a holiday,

they needed to be united.

This would not be a simple task, 443 more words