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The Seine and Thames are holding hands.

Quick Parisiennes build a dam!

The Seine and Thames are making love.

Londoners! Here comes the flood!

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Roll Credits

Opening scene held blissful promise
Sure to be a box office sensation
Two young lovers in a trance of passion
from seeds of their playful flirtation… 198 more words

The Neck of Polly Petunia Penelope Peck

Polly Petunia Penelope Peck

Had a heck of a time with her tubular neck

When through the town’s center she’d venture to walk

People whipped on their glasses in order to gawk… 108 more words


An Ode To Channing Tatum

Your skin glistens as you strike a pose,

those dance moves – no one else knows.

You can bump and grind,

you make the girls scream. 64 more words


"To His Coy Mistress"

It’s poetry week here at con carne! To balance out the seriousness of Henley’s Invictus last time, here’s something a bit more whimsical. And much older; … 854 more words