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Unlikely to get the job

Listed as her top credential:

“proficient in all three utensils.”

Free Poems

two poems by Rich Boucher


Her eyes widened,
and she gasped
as I entered her


If Only

If I had a job driving my own ice cream truck, 150 more words



Friends are friends no matter what,

no matter your look,

your thoughts,

your luck.

They’re always there

no matter your health,

your smarts,

your clothes, 59 more words


The Fight

The “something’s” fought the “nothing’s”.

The battle went on and on.

They fought with cannons,

guns, and bows.

All on my front lawn.

I watched it all up in my room… 19 more words


A Bird Shat On My Hat

As I sat
By the Gallery Nat.
A little bird shat
Right on my hat


Closing Time by Max Scratchmann

It’s about time I showcased one of the poems that has been submitted to TAPP by the multi-talented performance poet, writer, illustrator (and occasional reader of this here blog… 313 more words

Comic Verse

The Comeback by Catherine Weiss

When he returned to Earth last spring
our Lord Jesus
did indeed make the rounds
of the talk-show circuit.

His talking points were
dealing with an omnipotent… 71 more words