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An Ode To Your Nightie

Flimsy, flouncy little nightie
Which doth cling e’er so tightly
To your pendulous, saggy tits
And your smelly hairy bits
Keeping all just out of sight… 147 more words

Comic Verse


with her entry in life
stomach got his boon
see ! Extra care of wife
came out as a half balloon


Some Unsolicited Advice Concerning Baby Books by Laura MacDonald

It’s time I showcased another one of the poems that has been submitted to TAPP. This one has been written by Laura MacDonald from Canada. 100 more words

Comic Verse


Was jumping and dancing with the fresh air
Less number of black thread
Naughty wind of autumn asked
Who has taken away leaves from your head


12 Haikus That Every White Girl Should Read

*All haikus posted were original by collegeundergrad on The Drunken Undergrad blogsite.

...and relax...

commuting daily – getting stressed out to the max
get home of an evening
…and relax…

working like a dog – earning wages, paying tax… 60 more words

Comic Verse

Mute Point

You whine, you moan, complain and groan,
on & on, a cyclic whinging drone.
I listen patiently – what a glutton.
But how I wish you had a mute button.
Comic Verse