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Funny! Everything...

Talking with my live-in just now, talking about her interest in eating another girl, the following fell from her mouth.

Everything is good when you’re tied up! 10 more words


A secretary's prayer

Help me to have the memory of an elephant, and by some miracle let me do all things at once. Grant me the foresight not to destroy when I am told to, records that will be asked for within the next few days.

Funny Things

Do I know You?

Photo of Megan Fox from roseparachute.com

It seems like every time I go out some one says this to me.

Apparently I have one of those faces that makes me look like all kinds of people, none of whom actually really look-alike.  412 more words

House Rules, SLOW Signs, and Cupcakes

So, some of the your behavior problems led us to write the rules down for and put them in writing. Yes, I know you can’t read yet but gotta start somewhere. 231 more words

Bradley 2014

First Day and Only Said Two Weird Things.

So as my first day has come to a close, I have to say I did really well considering that I haven’t had to ‘watch my mouth’ in a long well.   350 more words


Arthur -- Predator.

Everyone has those things about them that make them extremely unique — I have two things.  Before I get into them, I would like you to realize that I have a very strange sense of humor — I wanted to do this post because sometimes I can’t hold in what I’m thinking.   290 more words