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Things Brits say and what they actually mean

1. „I might join you later“
Meaning: I am not leaving the house today unless it’s on fire!

2. „Excuse me, sorry, is anyone sitting here?“ 401 more words

Funny Things

Kids Say The Funniest Things....

Parenting is fun, sometimes!

When they start talking, they talk a lot. They say ‘NO’ for everything, that phase is then taken over by the phase of asking ‘why’ and subsequently they put you on a spot when they ask you questions about the birth, God and Santa Clause (or lack of a chimney in the house). 235 more words


Enthralled by the TV

My computer desk is just next to the couch, and one day while I was doing things on the computer and the girls were watching a show, I looked over and just had to quickly snap a picture of the girls enjoying it!



Tonight at dinner:

Me – Charlie, how woukd you like it if mommy made a chart and when you did tasks on the chart you’d earn money to use to buy things? 28 more words


ice cream for dinner

Last night, after we finished small group in downtown Franklin, Paul asked Mickenzie to go for a walk. Paul likes walks. Many moments in our relationship have started with a “walk” or a “drive.” Stop what is going on in that particular moment, get out and just go. 293 more words


Miss Communication

I was folding washing this morning listening to Marica and Esther talk, and just had to share this funny:

E: “Mawica, dose are nithe octoputheth.” 19 more words


The Teddy Bear Contest!

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and the 3 bears. On Tuesday we all brought our Teddy Bear from home to school. We had great fun with them. 117 more words