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Hilarity: Game of Thrones vs. "Let It Go"

Combining 2 of my very favorite pop culture creations **warning – contains spoilers**


Champion Kids Nuggets - Nothing Left

It’s one of those nights. I’m so tired I can barely think, let alone type. Yet I’ve committed to blog … so blog I must. I’m sure we’ve all had these times. 161 more words

7 Most Awkward Meals to Eat on Your First Date

First dates are awkward enough already. Trying to find something to talk about, trying to leave a good impression, and making sure that there is no cilantro on your teeth are some of the basics. 326 more words


Top 10 Things I Am Sick of...Right Now

1. Frozen

2. Pretentious people

3. When people are standing in your way, so you start to go around them but as soon as you do they start moving and run into you… 21 more words


Overheard: Two Four-Year-Old Girls at the Playground

I pull the double stroller up to the swings. Two young girls, maybe around four years old, are playing by the swing set. One of them has long brown hair and bangs. 379 more words

When can I introduce my baby to vienna sausages?

Dad made this panda lunch for Lily, his 2 month old granddaughter. Too bad she’s not on solids yet!