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Quirks of each Astrological sign: What makes you loveable can also be annoying! PART 1 of 3

Art and Article by Seraphina Lum
Please ask for my permission and give due credit if you want to use my drawings.

Intro/Disclaimer: I know very well there is little to no scientific evidence that astrology is real, but do take it with a light heart and a dash of good humour. 960 more words


I'm a summoner (literally)

Hi League of Legends summoners, I’m here to share with you my magical moments.  Yesterday, at the start of a ranked match, my team sadly had 1 afk and 1 disconnected player. 167 more words

The inaugural post...

The World’s (Blank) is a webcomic based around sharing the world’s most, worst, least, and best through sexy comics. If  you don’t laugh or enjoy yourself in the slightest then maybe this corner of the web isn’t for you. 12 more words


Hot Enough to Ride, Sparkle Pony?

From the Wheel of Life Fortune Wheel at Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult.


Jacuzzi Boom


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How To Turn Your Newborn Into A Source Of Income

A first impression is the second most impressionable moment you can have on someone upon meeting them for the first time.  

In today’s world, beauty is one of the most attractive things to the eye, third only to shiny objects and one of those optical illusion posters where you have to stare at it for 30 seconds and go a little cross-eyed and then suddenly there’s a pirate ship where there was once just crazy squiggly lines.  551 more words