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Chuck Moves Into a Not-So-Spooky Haunted House

“Boo,” hissed the sofa, its teeth chomping wildly as it inched closer to him.

“Right back at you,” Chuck slurred, grasping the wall for balance as he contemplated whether it was a good idea to vomit on the floor of his new house. 1,729 more words


Dream harder!

A fast, comfortable, reliable, good value, modern and comprehensive railway network?

Don’t just dream it.
Live it.

Oops shite. Sorry guys, wrong product. Go back to sleep all of you and dream harder. 102 more words


October 19th 9PM

Phone just screamed like angry trapped banshee from corner of bedroom. Could not silence bloody incessant, wailing beast. Thought that head was going to split in too and alien creature was going to burst from face. 27 more words


October 19th 7PM

Having a hangover and being drunk all at same time is not pleasant experience. Think that tried to kidnap duck last night. Am not sure. Clothes do however smell like pond water.