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How to:: Spot a life long friend

A party for two.

Party poppers.

Candles, cake and a song.



Whaddaya know?

Here’s a question which most people are unlikely to find extremely difficult to answer, as long as they speak even very basic English. I admit to harbouring doubts that someone who lives in the last few remaining square feet of the Amazon rain forest and has never heard a word of the language could spit out a snappy reply, although (now that I think of it) with a bit of slow speech and some pointing I expect they would probably get there in under twenty seconds. 2,268 more words


August 30th 2013

Today is August 30th 2014. I woke up and googled “today in history” hoping some great life-changing event had taken place. Oh how I prayed this day had been significant to the world but no such luck. 893 more words

10 Ways to Know if You are Bossy

  1. You order the Sun to stop.
  2. You give your husband lists of chores greater than the number one.
  3. People keep asking you if something is bothering you or what is wrong.
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To Light the Darkness

It snowed last night here in Denali, Alaska. Only on the peaks of the mountains, but still, it is cold. Really cold. And really dark. Where we live and where we work are about a mile apart along the only major road that runs through this part of the state. 503 more words


Entertaining Videos to Start Your Weekend

Very cute and amusing. Perfect for the “watch during commercials” crowd. (You know you’re one of them!)

From ReShareWorthy:

James is 3 years old and is already an action movie star! 74 more words