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Happy Halloween!!!

Hey! I just got done “trick or treating” so pardon me while I stuff my face more than a fat kid on Halloween! So thank you everyone who voted for my costume(AKA No one.) I was a Shadow Hunter(from Mortal Instruments.) It was very successful. 180 more words


Newest Cartoon: Sonic Goes to Sonic

Hilarity ensues.

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Howling at the moon

I was called out by one of my favorite bloggers, Margaret to make a candy corn necklace for Halloween!  I succeeded – just in time to head out!!!   30 more words


My Teletubbie and Tourist-filled Halloween

When I was in elementary school, it was cool to dress up. We had a parade at lunchtime; everyone who had dressed up would line up for pictures, then walk all the way around the school in costume while the teachers and the un-costumed students, and often the parents, would cheer us on and take pictures. 613 more words

Stories & Anecdotes

my voice.

Usually when people say they wanna be a writer they really don’t wanna do anything except, ya know, eat and masturbate.

– Ray (Girls- HBO) 321 more words


Happy Halloween!

Not much to say. Have a Happy Halloween and for those preparing for NaNoWriMo, I salute you and look forward to the challenge my fellow gladiators! Here’s a treat:

30 Rock