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Nietzschean Cat

If you are a cat lover you might find this amusing. I took this picture and it looks as if my cat is staring at the demonic kitty trapped in the hood of the car, lol. 16 more words

Auld Lang Syne

Once a year the Oxford English Dictionary releases a list of new words and/or phrases they (whoever “they” might be) have deemed acceptable enough to officially add to their fabulous book.  982 more words


Study Reveals 9 Out Of 10 People Believe The 10th Person To Be A Total Weirdo

A new study released today by the Department Utilizing Statistics & Tables (DUST) revealed that 9 out of 10 people believe the 10th person to be a total weirdo. 520 more words


Rescue Dogs Gives Love and Kisses

Our newest rescue dog, Kota, loves to do pet therapy and every time we go to see my mom who is in bed most of the time, Kota wakes her up like this! 13 more words

GQ Made Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bang a Clown

First of all, I want to applaud Time magazine for trying to write a serious piece about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “lust-filled embrace” with a shirtless clown. 109 more words


It's a cat! No, it's an owl! No no no... it's a "meowl"! 【Photos】

In Chinese, owls are called “猫头鹰” (mao tou ying), which would mean “cat-headed eagle”, if translated literally. Now, imagine an eagle with a cat’s head… it would probably look rather silly, wouldn’t it? 57 more words