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5 things I just can't handle.

There’s plenty of things in the world that I just can’t deal with. I could go on with a list of over 100 things. But I narrowed it down to 5 things because I don’t think anyone would take the time to read about 100 different things that I dislike. 696 more words

No, YOU Stole MY Outfit!

No, YOU Stole MY Outfit!. Funny Story!


The Motorist

A motorist is speeding down the road when he is pulled over. The officer tells him, “Sir do you realize how fast you were going?” 96 more words

Clean Jokes


Every now and then someone posts something on tumblr about periods.

More often than not it’s some guy (whose probably kidding, but lets assume he’s serious for the sake of argument) claiming that some aspect of manliness is somehow worse; whether it’s classics like getting kicked in the nuts; or more obscure like manual adjustments; or innocuous like shaving cuts. 331 more words

The Office Kitchen During Lunch

The Office Kitchen During Lunch. Funny Story!