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Zombie Math: Alan Moore Adds a Century to the World of Crossed

Only one funnybook to talk about this week, but it’s got a good pedigree…

Crossed Plus 100 #1, by Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade

I’m not a huge fan of the Crossed series, generally. 897 more words


A Thousand Cuts: Morrison and Quitely Delicately Devastate with Pax Americana


Blink Blink.

I think I just read the best comic of the year.

And I encourage you to parse that statement in every manner possible… 525 more words


Rereading Cerebus, Part One: The Early, Funny Ones

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. First I took a vacation, then I was a bit under the weather, and between the two… I just didn’t feel like writing. 1,890 more words


Giving Credit Where Credit's (Long Past) Due

From the title page of today’s new issue of Fantastic Four:


Yes, they were.

Bout damn time they acknowledged it, too.

(Sorry that’s not ten times bigger and high-def. 75 more words


She's a Wonder

Halloween being a national holiday here on the Nerd Farm, we’re taking a little vacation this week. But just so as not to leave you with no funnybook diversions in the meantime, we thought we’d do a little link-blogging instead… 321 more words