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How to Write a Great Sex Scene

This blog post also appears on THE GIRLFRIEND’S BOOK CLUB blog


1: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire
2: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire… 855 more words


Why Writers Should Use Twitter (and HOW to USE It Effectively)

To me Twitter is the sexier, edgier savvy big sister to Facebook. Tumblr is their quirky, cool but perenially broke cousin who lives in New York. 77 more words


How to Avoid January Burn Out: Priceless Resources for Writers

Welcome to burn out month. That time of year when our chipper post holiday resolutions have burned to the ground leaving ashes. Okay, maybe it’s just me. 307 more words


10 Questions to Ask Your Character by Brenda Janowitz

My fellow blogger at The Girlfriend’s Book Club, Brenda Janowitz, was a guest writer on Writer’s Digest. She is the author of Scot on the Rocks, Jack with a Twist and… 738 more words


Funny or Sad? Five Reasons Today is Funny

“What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.” – Robin Williams

1) I fell in the mud on my hike. Which was supposed to cheer me up. 252 more words


Happy Holiday Steals -- Funny, Smart and 99 cents!

Today I’m banding with tons of talented, funny writers to promote our 99 cent holiday steals on #CHICKLIT4XMAS Tons of great books on sale! Happy reading one and all. 54 more words


Christmas and Death

About this time of year I get tired of being told that this is the happiest time of year. For one thing, I live in Seattle, the birthplace of the over priced, overbred coffee to keep our blood pumping and spirits bright throughout the darkest, wettest part of the year. 437 more words