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Why Writers Go Nuts: Three Good Reasons

Maybe it’s nap time?

I’m going to do what I tell other writers to never do: write public posts while exhausted and sleep deprived. Although my husband tells me that I am always this way, my YA novel Chasing Nirvana is, by nature of the premise, very intense.

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Dear Teen Thinking About Sex: Think about Dogs

Okay, I know in the moment you aren’t going to think this but here’s the thing: use birth control. Because if you bring a baby into the world thinking it’s going to love you, you’re wrong.

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Our BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY October 12-26th! (including Divine Moves)

“Oh my heavens! So many books, so little time!”

I’m only going to say this 9 more times! (Can you tell I have two teens?)

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Why Do I Write Comedy? 3 Reasons: All From Last Night

Discussing anything on the main floor of our open concept house is tricky at best. Add one coughing teen, another doing homework (sort of), a new chubby rescue cat doing laps around the dog and a spouse who wants to run through his day in 30 seconds or less.

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Guest Post from The Girlfriend's Book Club -- Karen Gillespie

The year? 2004.

Mean Girls was playing in theaters. Martha Stewart got sent to the pokey, and Janice Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction.

And on a personal level, my first novel was published by Simon and Schuster in 2004. 912 more words


Flagship Down: The End of the Fantastic Four

So Rich Johnston’s reporting, over at Bleeding Cool, that Marvel Comics is cancelling The Fantastic Four sometime next year. And they’re cancelling it not because sales are in the crapper, but because Ike Perlmutter’s pissed that they don’t own the movie rights, and so doesn’t want to give “free advertising” to whichever studio does. 423 more words