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Fur Real? - A perspective in the Canadian Fur Trade

This week the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced that they would discontinue the use of muskrat pelts from their uniform winter hats. The traditional headpiece which normally requires about 3 pelts to make. 246 more words

Fur Trade

Monday Moaning


I really am, when I read this I just about blew a valve!

Ploys to make fur ‘respectable’ for the youth… 194 more words

Monday Moaning

Can someone please tell this silly girl how aweful she looks!

I was browsing the net the other day when I came across this. http://www.ditatime.ie/today-im-wearing/furcoat. How on EARTH in this day and age can anyone think she looks glamorous wearing fur? 286 more words

Time to Talk: Animal Abuse

If you read yesterday’s post, you will have seen that today’s Time to Talk should have been about creating my own fitness regime. Well as life happens, plans change, so I’m sorry to say that I will be moving the fitness post to another day/week due to a video that I saw on my Facebook news feed last night that I felt so strongly about that I absolutely had to share this with you. 400 more words


The Practices of Compassion and Cruelty

“I don’t understand these people trying to help animals when there’s so much human suffering in the world. Shouldn’t they be helping humans instead?”

I was asked this question at dinner the other day. 376 more words

Animal Rights


I find this photograph distressing and if you are following this blog you probably do as well.

However, for this woman it seems like “business as usual”. 22 more words

Animal Rights

"Old-Timers": Straddling Time Periods

We like to think of the past in convenient little time packets: the Victorian Era and the 1920s were completely distinct eras, right? Just look at how fashion changed dramatically during that time! 884 more words