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Burberry under fire from animal rights group

AN INTERNATIONAL  animal welfare group has launched a campaign against the British luxury goods brand Burberry to stop it using real fur in its fashion collections. 462 more words

The Silent Places Turns Plain Facts into Strong Emotion.

The child uttered a sharp cry of fright.

“Pretty enough to kiss!” cried Dick

“Listen, Little Sister,” said he. “Now I go on a long journey” … 317 more words


Short Sunday History Lesson

This is a kelp forest.

This is a sea urchin.

This is an otter.

Otters eat sea urchins.

Otters were hunted for their fur. 32 more words

Activist Fire

Tell the UK- Stop Importing Dog Fur Products - The Petition Site

via Tell the UK- Stop Importing Dog Fur Products – The Petition Site.

Counterfeit products from China are being imported into the UK depite the laws which in which there is a total ban on the trade of cat and dog fur used by China for clothing, footwear and fashion. 122 more words


The Fort Langley Storehouse: BC's Oldest Surviving European Structure

In a way, today’s post is an extension of the one from Tuesday on the National Historic Site of Fort Langley.  While the site today is actually located on different land from its historical site and the majority of the buildings are newer constructions then those built at the fort’s inception in 1827 there is one building there that deserves special attention. 369 more words


The HBC - Fort Langley

This former trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company was constructed in 1827, 4 km to the northwest of where the historic site of Fort Langley is located today; the original site was renamed ‘Derby’ in 1858 and is now used as farmland. 531 more words

British Columbia

Can fur ever be ethical?

Sustainable, “eco-friendly” fashion seems to be all the rage with fashion houses and magazines alike. Can real fur be the next big thing? 424 more words