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Cupcake Party!


I owe everyone my sincerest apologies for all the inconveniences caused due to the store move. 242 more words


Poem #43 - The Technophobe

The Technophobe

Apps are for saps
MP3s? Oh geez
Kindles are for bimbles
I’ll take books & CDs
Stream it? How about own it?
If I want a pizza I’ll phone for it… 28 more words

Tech Pets: A Student's Plea for More Plastic Dogs

Dear Readers,

Today had a most unfortunate beginning. On top of my other incredibly taxing morning duties, such as waking up, I am currently responsible for a living breathing animal. 462 more words

Student Posts

Throwback Thursday: Remember Furby? Now They Drop ‘F-bombs’?!

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and you can carry on a conversation with them! Who could forget Furby?

This 1990s unforgettable toy has sold millions and speaks lots of languages…24 to be exact ( 287 more words


Ninja Sneaking Up On a Drunk

- All my haters are my motivators – responsible for my next achievements

- Like going to ferret Disney wonderland…

- Like asking a righteous Betty if her meat winked at me (with her mom in the room to hear)

Highlarious Delicious Scenarios

Your Old Furby Is Worth $500

You know those great toys we had in the 80’s and 90’s? How much do you think they’re worth now?

You might be surprised. And you might be embarrassed to admit you had some of these. 83 more words


5 toys from the 90s i always wanted but never had

1. Furbies. Yep, a furby. I wanted one. Why the fuck? You ask. My answer: who knows. I legitimately cannot think of anything else in this exact moment that freaks me out more than furbies do. 606 more words