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Furby Teal Lounge Chair Exclusive

Furby Lounge Chair – Exclusive by Hasbro

Throwback Thursday: 90's Kid

When- Some time in the late 1990s Where – McDonald’s/ Jersey City, NJ.

Outfit- Windbreakers Jacket & Pant(I used to call them the shh shh pants because of the sound windbreakers made when the material rubs against something) 126 more words


Furby Pink Lounge Chair Exclusive

The Fashion Lounge Chair is a nice accessory for your Furby. Your Furby will sit comfy in its own chair!

boogie bot research

i don’t recall if i’ve mentioned this but i’m going to build a dancing robot! (aka boogie bot) i’ve decided that’s the plan for my senior capstone project (which is due in two years…). 159 more words


6 Reasons to Not Hate the 90s

There are many reasons to hate the 90s. AOL, Furbies, and Aqua spring to mind. A lot of ‘purists’ consider it to consider the 90s to be the death of… 627 more words


Furby Hunters

Like a dark harbinger of doom, the Furby menace stands at humanity’s door, ready to destroy our world and devour our very souls. Foolishly, I had thought their kind rendered powerless after their toy fad wore off, but after their… 779 more words


Furby Model 70-894 Special Millennium Edition Silver + Blue Individually Numbered Electronic Furbie

I can wiggle my ears, blink my eyes & move my mouth. You can teach me to do tricks, I can dance. I can communicate with other furbys and teach them games, songs and tricks. 146 more words