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Technological Connections

The only thing I heard were weak static noises. Silence swallowed the whole room and the only sound came from my sister who was crying. I kind of missed hearing the annoying sounds made by the Furby. 172 more words



¬†TGI freakin’ F!!!

Now.. to just get through the day.


Living with Furby

One of the best things about parenting is the fact that you don’t have to make stuff up. All you need to do is let stories tell themselves: 720 more words
Living In Hong Kong

SpartanKid Review..."Golden Furbling"

This is my first review… So if you have any bad comments don’t blame ME. This review is about the RARE gold furbling! It’s very soft & cuddly . 78 more words


Throw Back Thursday: Best Toy Commericals Of The '90s!

What many 10-year-olds might now call outdated, we used to call RADICAL. Who needs Internet when you have Super Soaker water guns to play outside with, or Easy-Bake ovens to learn the basics of baking! 348 more words


Watch a Husky Go Berserk Over a Furby

In a viral video, a friendly furball faces off against a chattering Furby. The husky looks like it is trying to protect its human family from the tiny automaton, but its fervent barks are matched by the Furby’s stream of Furbish sayings. 48 more words

School night

Day 17

Sorry. skipped a day. I did it just to keep you on your toes or because I took a last moment holiday, got bored of relaxing in the warm winter sun and came back after only 24 hours or because I had spent the day mainly in mud and was tired. 365 more words